survivor-story I was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 27-years-old, then again at 33-years-old. When I was diagnosed for the second time I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.

Now I am 42 and going through treatment for a 3rd recurrence. I’m a business owner, office manager, and have been married for 23 years, going through this battle again is hard. It’s been more of an emotional battle this time but every day I have a plan and refuse to give up!

When I was first diagnosed my son was 7-years-old and my biggest fear was not being able to watch him grow up. My husband, family, and mom have been with me through every diagnosis, every treatment, and every test. I have been blessed with an amazing support group, but some days it can be hard. Some days are a lot worse than others, but it’s doable!

It’s ok to cry and get mad, but don’t stay in that place. Make a plan and fight! A positive attitude through this journey is so important. I’ve had to learn to let people help me because on certain days they are the only thing that gets you through. They want to help and be a part of your journey and your healing, so it’s ok to let them help!

I believe in staying busy, I believe it’s important to have goals and plans for the future, even if it seems out of reach. You cannot get stuck in the moment, always look ahead. Have a good cry and then get ready to fight again. Just remember to always move forward!!!


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