One of BCCA’s founding principles is the belief that all people are our brothers and sisters.  Further, we believe we are called to help those who are in need.  Our Medical Mission Partners program brings this principle to life.

In partnership with companies who graciously donate medicines, medical equipment and medical supplies to BCCA, we in turn supply these gifts to select mission hospital partners and medical clinics in developing countries.  This gift-in-kind concept is similar to how food banks receive their supplies and serve their clients.  These medicines, equipment and supplies are often the ONLY supplies the mission hospitals receive.

In addition to the medicines, BCCA also provides translated educational materials on nutrition, cancer prevention and cancer survival.  We strive to help all people impacted by breast cancer.  It’s our mission.

Medical Missions:  Liga Dominicana Contra el Cancer – Santo Domingo, DR & Fundacion HOMS – Santigo, DR