Burpees for Boobs

Burpees for Boobs: that title always gets a second [sometimes 3rd or 4th] glance because it sounds…Different? Scary? Unrelated? We get asked all the time, What IS Burpees for Boobs?

I have worked with and for Kaia FIT in some aspect or another for over 6 years now. In that time, I’ve seen women go through a variety of of injuries and illnesses. Yet nothing seems to have the impact on the spirit like the word CANCER. Cancer is horrible, and debilitating and senseless, and breast cancer maybe even more so, because it affects something that, as women, we connect to as being an embodiment of femininity. Now, I understand that men also suffer from breast cancer, and that is not to be ignored. I am speaking as from a woman, from a woman’s perspective, so forgive me any offenses.

In the interest of supporting our local and national communities, Burpees for Boobs was born. It combines the best of Kaia: burpees [a total body exercise] and community coming together to support a cause. Over the next 6 weeks, we’ve set a goal to raise $15,000 across 35 locations. On October 7th, our participating locations will come together and perform 31 minutes of burpees [in honor of the 3.1 million breast cancer survivors] to match the donations raised. In addition, we’ll be selling Kaia gear and taking day-of donations. We want to use this platform to raise awareness in and out of our communities, donate to the Feel Beautiful Again Campaign run by iGoPink, and to educate everyone that fitness can be crucial to a return to vitality.

Research has shown that regular physical activity plays a huge role in gaining back physical and emotional strength. According to research done by The American Council on Exercise, women who exercise regularly after diagnosis [compared to sedentary], have a much lower risk of breast cancer recurrence, breast cancer related death and all causes of death.[1]  They also noted that increased physical activity was consistently linked to overall functions, reduced fatigue and body pain.

We hope that you will join us in person, or spirit, on October 7th. If you feel called to do so, you can make a donation and be assured, burpees will be done! Many locations will be recording a Facebook LIVE video, so you can participate virally, or attend in person. Please share this event with your friends and family, so we can brighten the spirits of as many women as possible.

For more information on the event: https://t.e2ma.net/pages/1782753/2448

To donate: https://donate.thebreastcancercharities.org/team/122990

To find a location near you: https://www.kaiafit.com/locations/find-a-kaia-location


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