Burn Baby Burn: What it Takes to Burn off All that Halloween Candy

Yesterday was Halloween and whether you trick or treated with the fam, passed out candy yourself, or turned out all the lights in your home and hoarded the candy all to yourself Halloween is most definitely a sugar-filled night/week. While sugar in-take isn’t the healthiest thing for our bodies (and is not a breast cancer preventative at all) it’s human to err on Halloween. I mean have you ever ate a Reese’s Pumpkin?!?!

Don’t fret though I have exactly how much it take to burn off your favorite candies. Whether its jumping jacks or a brisk walk we have exactly what it takes to burn off some of those favorite Halloween candies. It may also make you re-think that second… or fifth (totally me) piece from the bowl.


To Burn Off… Calories You Need to Do…
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 110 7 minutes of jogging (at a 10-minute pace)
Kit-Kat Bar 70 10 minutes of moderate effort rowing
Skittles 80 9 minutes on the elliptical
Snickers Bar 80 534 Jumping Jacks
Dots 70 19 minutes of strength training
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