Building Your Own Confidence

I’ve always struggled with my self-confidence growing up and even into adulthood. It was never fun going to school and comparing yourself to others and wondering why I couldn’t have hair like the other girls or clothes like the other girls. But the sad part is, I wasn’t the only girl feeling that way. So many girls today are constantly altering their appearance to feel more confident in who they are, whether it’s with plastic surgery or pounds of make-up, luckily, I never felt the need to go that far.

But working here at BCCA, I personally see the struggle that breast cancer patients have when it comes to their confidence. They lose their hair, they get sick, they lose their breasts, some of them may even gain and lose weight throughout their journey. With one of our board members personally going through this process, BCCA set out on a mission to solve this problem.

One of our main programs is our Feeling Beautiful Again program. This program is my all-time favorite because its whole purpose is to make sure women still feel beautiful and confident, especially when cancer may take everything from them that normally makes them feel beautiful! One thing I learned in growing up is that you don’t have to be skinny, or have to have the best hair, in order to be confident.

So here are some tips to help you boost your confidence and truly be confident in who you are!

Stop Comparing: It’s much easier said than done. But as soon as you stop comparing yourself to others, it’s amazing how much better you feel about yourself and in your own skin!

Think Positively: From now on for every bad thought you have about yourself and your body, replace it with 3 positive comments. Just talking positively to yourself can really change your whole mindset on yourself.

Accept Mistakes: They happen, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Spend Time with Yourself: Spending time with yourself can really help you focus on the things you love about yourself. Take a moment to pamper yourself and really enjoy some quality time with you!

Set Personal Goals: If you truly want to better something about yourself, set up some personal goals that are reachable. Don’t set yourself up for failure, as this will just make things worse! If you set reachable goals and achieve them, you are on a path to success!

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