Breast Cancer Statistics + What To Know

2018 Breast cancer statistics and what you need to know

1 in 8…in my opinion, that’s the most known breast cancer statistic out there.  One in eight women is diagnosed with the disease.  Think about it ladies, sitting around a table of girlfriends at lunch, that could be your best friend sitting next to you.  It’s a scary statistic.

What I’m always amazed at though, is when speaking to women about breast cancer, are some of the stats they DON’T know or haven’t been educated on (this is a BIG thing for us at BCCA—we’re all ‘aware’ of breast cancer but how many of us feel ‘educated’ about breast cancer?)


So what are the top 4 breast cancer statistics (in my opinion) that you need to know?:

  1. Breast Cancer Isn’t ALWAYS Family Related– I hear “my mom/grandma/aunt had breast cancer so I’m at risk too” from a lot of women. However, what many women don’t know is nearly 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history.  85% ladies…so just because it doesn’t run in your family, it doesn’t mean you’re free and clear!
  1. What You Eat Impacts Your Breast Cancer Risk– Did you know that eating a balanced and healthy diet, low in sugar/saturated fats and filled with lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains can help prevent breast cancer? Or, if you’re diagnosed, it can also help in the healing of your body.  Think of your body as a vehicle…it needs proper maintenance and fuel to keep running smoothly.  Shop the outside aisles of your grocery store; that’s where you’ll find the healthy, unprocessed items that fill your body as they fill your stomach!
  1. Early Detection Is Too Late– Yep, I said it…why do we as a society talk SO much about early detection? What if we shifted the conversation to PREVENTION? What can we do to prevent breast cancer?  Now don’t get me wrong: I’m a FIRM believer in early detection, monthly self-exams and I promote them literally every day…but I’m passionate about our youth and what we can be teaching our daughters to do/not do to help them promote a healthy lifestyle that assists in lower rates of cancers (not just breast cancer), heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  THIS is the conversation we should be having…early detection, someone already has breast cancer; prevention is our tool to conquering this disease!
  1. Men Can Get Breast Cancer– You read it here…and many places. It’s one of the facts that gets the most “WHAT?” looks from people when we’re out at educational events.  Men can get breast cancer.  In 2018 alone its estimated that 480 men will die from breast cancer.  Although breast cancer is much less prevalent in men, it’s still something we (as women) need to encourage our husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends to be educated about.

What are some of the statistics that you have found most startling about breast cancer?  What information would you like to know more about?  There are many facts, studies, reports, and information out there that we can all become educated about this disease and proactively do something to prevent and survive the disease.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments…together we’re stronger, building a community of knowledge, support, and education.

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