Benefits of Vitamin D

Grab Your Sunnies: Benefits of Vitamin D


by Erica Johnson

So many of us don’t know that Vitamin D is one of the strongest tools against fighting breast cancer —imagine that, something as simple as 15 minutes out in the sun has scientifically been shown to decrease your breast cancer risks by upwards of 77%!! That’s huge.

Other studies show that women who are vitamin D deficient have a 222% increased risk of developing breast cancer. So what can we do? The solutions are EASY and you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start this long ago?

My three easy ways (that I incorporate daily into my diet) to get my proper levels of vitamin D include:
• 15-20 Min of Healthy Sun Time! You’ve read in my prior blogs that my daily walks with my dog Missy are a part of my workout regimen. Well, it’s also about getting some healthy doses of vitamin D. So grab your cute sunnies and your favorite puppy (or neighbor or friend) and start moving. So easy…you can even try a stroll over your lunch break!

• Vitamin D Supplements. Come to my kitchen and you’ll find an entire cabinet of vitamins. (My hubby used to laugh at me, but then I got him started on our daily dose of vitamins and he will attest how much better he feels and how much healthier he is!) My favorite way to get my Vitamin D supplement is via the adult chewy vitamins. They’re DELISH and make me feel like I’m having candy vs. a vitamin. I literally start my day by taking my three chewy vitamins with a large bottle of water. And at only 2,000 IU’s suggested per day of vitamin D supplements, it’s super easy to achieve!

• Chow Down. Finding foods with rich levels of vitamin D may be much easier than you think (and you’re probably already eating some of them). Some of my favs:
a. Shiitake Mushrooms
b. Eggs
c. Fortified cereal
d. Fortified yogurt
e. Tuna fish

So next time you have a few extra minutes, grab your sunnies, walk to the grocery store and pick up some vitamin D supplements and some of these favorite foods of mine to start ramping up your body to fight against breast cancer. How simple and easy of a way to DRASTICALLY decrease your risk!

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