iGoPink is More Than A Job

During October, which is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the staff here at BCCA/iGoPink gets to reflect on why they love their job, all our lives have been tremendously affected by the breast cancer patients and survivors we get to help and support, and we could not be more thankful to have the job we do.


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Before I started working at The Breast Cancer Charities of America I did not have a huge personal tie to breast cancer. I would always second guess myself, “Am I qualified to serve these women without a connection to the disease?” I have learned so much since becoming a part of this amazing team at BCCA. Breast cancer does not discriminate against age, nor does it discriminate against gender, social status, sexuality. Breast cancer can touch anyone. I have learned that the breast cancer patients we work with daily are some of the most beautiful, strong-willed, and delightful people inside and out. Even on some of my crappiest days, I will pick up the phone and speak with a joyous, insightful patient and it turns my day around. Working at BCCA has introduced me to a community of magnificent people, and I am so grateful that.

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