Self-care Sunday….who is with me that we ALL could use a little more of this?  Sunday is a day to recharge, a day to relax and a day to fill our mind, body and spirits with new opportunities for a new week.  What better way to do this than relaxing in a warm bath with a non-toxic home made bath bomb?

We’ve all seen (and probably purchased) many of the cute fuzzing bath bombs at our local stores.  They smell amazing, they release all sorts of aromatherapy and create a relaxing bath experience.  But not all bath bombs are considered ‘natural’…some (not all) have additives that help keep the ‘bomb’ pulled together in its shape.  But what if I told you making your own at home bath bombs were easy and EXTREMELY affordable?  Sign me up, right? 

Best part of all, you probably have a lot of these items in your house already (or if not, easy to pick up on your next grocery store trip.)  Yes, it makes a bit of a mess and takes some time, but make them in bulk when you do take on this project (think: gifts for your girlfriends, a breast cancer patient going through treatment, Mother’s Day gifts, etc.) 

So let’s get started on your own natural bath bombs! 

All-Natural Bath Bomb Ingredients

Ingredients you’ll need: (note: double/triple recipe depending on how many you want to make)…this will make about 12 ice cubes of bath bombs using a standard ice cube trays as your molds)

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 cup Citric acid (adds the ‘fizz’)
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 cup Epsom salts (great for detox)
  • 4 tsp water
  • 4 tsp essential oils for scent (if any skin irritants/using for children, consult with your doctor first)…but my favorite is either eucalyptus or lavender
  • 4 tsp oil (can be vitamin e oil, apricot oil or even standard vegetable oil) to keep skin soft


All-Natural Bath Bomb Assembly

  1. Mix epsom salt, baking sode, cornstarch in large bowl.   In separate bowl mix essential oils (if using), water and oil together.  (Some recipes say you can add food coloring here at this stage…I personally don’t like the use of food coloring for the dye purposes but that’s up to you). 
  2. Combine wet and dry mixture thoroughly.  Once evenly mixed, add citric acid (do not use bare hands when adding in the acid!) 
  3. Next add in any decorations you want to the bottom of the ice cube trays (ie. Dried flower petals or herbs are great to use).  Next pack the bath bomb mixture tightly into the ice cube tray mold and let sit for 24 hours.  You can also put in your fridge to help expedite the set time.  If they start to crumble when removing, let them dry longer.
  4. Last, pop them out and enjoy…they can be packaged up in clear bags with ribbons and make beautiful gifts too.  And another fun option, at your local stores that have dollar bins, they’ll frequently have seasonal silicone ice cube molds in different shapes (hearts, pumpkins, flowers).  Pick up a few of those to change up the shapes of your bath bombs.

And voila…you’ve now made all natural bath bombs to make your self-care Sunday an extra relaxing success!  Now go draw that bath, pour a cup of tea and enjoy.