Adulting 101: Time Management

YAWN.. Are any of you like me? Where you wake up in the morning and feel like you are constantly going all day long until you lay down for bed? It’s tiring, not just physically but mentally. 3 pm hits every day and I’m ready to pull my blanket and pillow out and take a much-needed nap. I hate feeling overly busy, or flustered, like I’ve got so much on my plate with a limited amount of time. Well, I finally decided I needed to make a change for the better (mainly for my sanity lol).

There are always ways to manage your time to the T.  Tons of people have an extremely strict routine, while others including myself, just like to go with the flow, with minimum structure in their life that is crumbling down around them with to do lists *nervously laughing*. Really though, I decided to sit my half adult half rebellious child self down and figure out ways to manage my time that will be best for my sanity and so that I’m not running around the house, a flustered mess, 15 minutes before I should be at work.

Here are a couple tips to make sure I’m on top of my A game…

Meal prepping– yes, I know this is a great way to jumpstart your diet or maintain your healthy lifestyle. But this also works great for lazy moms who want to watch Moana with their kid, I mean for busy moms, or busy people in general who don’t look forward to cooking every night and prepping lunches every morning. I started prepping breakfast, snacks, and lunch on Sundays and man let me tell you, It is such a breeze to open the fridge, grab your food for the day and walk out of your house. It gives me this sense of relaxation knowing I don’t have to worry about food until Sunday.

Pick your outfits for the week– Okay, this may sound a little OCD. I promise I am the farthest thing away from being an OCD person. My bedroom can be filled with 47 water bottles and I wouldn’t bat an eye…really. I may not always be the best person to give advice, but trust me on this guys. Get all your laundry taken care of, I usually do mine Sunday just like I do my meal prep. I’d rather have one day dedicated to being busy with chores than to be up at 10pm each night doing these things when I could be snoozing away. Once your laundry is done, throw it on your bed and crawl underneath the warm fortress and take a nice nap. Only kidding, kind of lol. Once you’ve awakened from your warm slumber, put on a little fashion show for yourself and figure out what outfits you want to wear for the week. This will eliminate those “I have nothing to wear” days and keep you from having an angry mental breakdown because you literally can’t find anything to wear.


This is all I’ve gotten so far on how to better manage my time. I’m still a work in progress but I can say that I don’t wake up feeling like a flustered mess each morning. I guess being an adult and having a little structure in your life isn’t so bad after all.

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