We are t-minus 2 weeks out from Christmas and guess who hasn’t done any holiday shopping? If you’ve guessed me, you have guessed correctly! Here at the BCCA office, yours truly still holds the title of the biggest procrastinator.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve done my online (window) shopping. I come across these perfect gifts I want to buy for everyone on my list and after adding it all into my cart I tell myself “Nah I’ll wait a few more days to buy them” … well, here we are 3 weeks later. Not sure what happened there but I’m thinking someone figured out how to make time jump because I can swear this all took place 2 days ago.

Now that I really have to buckle down and do my shopping, I asked everyone to send me 3 main things they would like. I was a little surprised and a whole lotta relieved when everyone’s list was almost identical! While these winter accessories come in handy to combat the cold and are too stinking cute to pass up they can also be of use all year long for others. For breast cancer patients going through treatment, you often hear how cold they can get, and you see how bundled up they stay throughout this time. Scarves, socks, and beanies can definitely go a long way and be of great use throughout their battles. Check out these cute and affordable accessories to keep warm this holiday season!

P.S – if you’re in the giving mood this holiday season, a great way to give back is through items such as the items listed on this blog! If you’re out shopping, think about picking up and extra scarf or pair of socks and look into donating to your local hospitals. We here at BCCA always encourage others to give back even in the smallest of ways!