8 Nail Polish Colors to Boost Your Confidence


8 nail polish colors that will really boost your confidence 

Having confidence after going through Breast Cancer is something many women struggle with. Luckily, with the right nail polish colors, you will be able to radiate confidence! Nail polish is the best accessory since you can change it to fit your mood and your outfit. What girl doesn’t love getting a good manicure? These eight colors will help you match that mood and boost your confidence.

Red: When you are wanting to show that you are feeling passionate, confident, or sexy this is the color for you. Red is a go-to for anyone who is looking to show that they are not only bold but also sexy!

Pink: If you are going out for a girl’s night and want to feel flirty and fun any shade of pink would rock that attitude. I for one always stick to Hot Pinks because they are more vibrant and show off your fun side.

Black: One-word BOLD. Black is the go-to color when you are wanting a huge boost of confidence and you want to feel even bolder than what you are. This is my ultimate go-to color when I am wanting to feel extra sassy and confident!

Yellow: For those girls who are wanting to show off that they are feeling joyful, positive, and happy then go with a bright yellow to show and boost that mood even more! This color will not only help you look amazing but also feel amazing.

Blue: Showing your faith after going through Breast Cancer is something that is very important to most survivors. If you are wanting to do this along with showing your courage, then go with a baby blue or a vibrant cobalt blue!

Gold: If you are into shiny and glittery colors (what girl isn’t?!) then gold is for you. This color will show off your courage and wisdom which is an ultimate confidence booster for anyone.

Silver: This is the most glamorous color! This color radiates glamour and class. If you are wanting to feel fancy and fabulous then go with a silver glitter color!

Coral: This color will for sure be a very popular spring color that you will see on everyone! If you are looking to show off your fun side and show that you are living your life to the fullest then rock this color.

Make sure to treat yourself to a nice and relaxing manicure after going through a rough day. These colors will be sure to add some sass and personality to any outfit. Most importantly they will be an ultimate confidence booster!

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