7 Healthy Snacks for Your Summer Road Trip…

On the road again…raise your hand if you and your family love a good road trip!  It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, summer, winter, spring or fall, to me, a road trip is so much fun!  It gives you dedicated time to your ‘tribe’ to talk, to sing, to play the alphabet game and more.  And it’s also a time where some serious snacking almost always occurs. 

But if you’re like me, you think about how you’re sitting in a car for 8-10 hours, not really ‘burning calories’ yet suddenly find your hands reaching for another snack…yikes, not the time to throw my healthy eating off track.   So what are my secrets to keeping our family snack-happy and healthy-focused?  Pre-planning healthy snacks for our road trips of ALL varieties for any last minute craving.  Take a peak below into my seven favorite healthy snacks for your next road trip.

  1. Homemade Trail Mix: This is my favorite…by far. Ok, not the WORLD’s healthiest, but much better than munching on a bag of candy.  I love to make my own with the organic bulk section of our grocery store. That way I know exactly what’s going into the mix (and plus I can make it to my daughter’s liking too and she thinks trail mix is a ‘treat’).  My fav combos:  cranraisins, lightly salted almonds, sunflower seeds, dried fruit pieces (coconut, mangoes or bananas—have to be careful as these can be very high in sugars too), pretzel sticks or organic ‘crisp’ of some sort.  But making your trail mix can be a fun activity too for the kiddos—teach them measuring, portion control and differences between sweet/salty/textures and shapes.
  2. Popcorn: pre-pop some natural popcorn and use a little flavored sea salt (you can buy these in bulk at the grocery store and is a game changer in making your popcorn taste extra fancy!)
  3. Sliced Apples & Cheese: dip your sliced apples in a tiny bit of lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. Pair it with some low-fat cheese slices and is a very filling treat.  (other option I like is apple slices with almond butter!)
  4. Finger Fruit: Trick here is prep.  I pre-clean and cut all of my fruit (ie. Cut grapes in half for my toddler, finger fruit like blueberries that aren’t messy, mandarin oranges that are already pealed apart for snacking.) 
  5. Carrots + Celery with Hummus: another fav due to the protein in the hummus to help fill you.  Have the veggies already cut and ready and then portion out into small containers some hummus so you only have to take a small amount out at a time/can keep the remainder in your cooler. 
  6. String Cheese & Apple Sauce Packs: this is more for the kiddos (although I LOVE string cheese) but this is an absolute staple in our car no matter when/where we go.So easy to grab on the go and keep everyone full but also healthy/quick/inexpensive.
  7. Protein Bars: nearly every time that my husband and I go on a road trip you will see a full box of protein bars with us.  This typically turns into our ‘go to’ REALLY hungry snack.  It’s always ‘breakfast’ the first day on our road trip, but I will travel 365 days a year with a protein bar in my car or purse merely to keep me on track when hunger strikes!

A big key thing for road trip snacking is making things easy and accessible.  If hunger hits and you don’t have your cooler ready with treats, the gas station stop turns into a chip, candy and soda overhaul…not where we want to be with our health!  But take 20 minutes to plan, 10 min to shop at the grocery store and another 10 minutes to pack it up and your road trip will be off to a fun, healthy & flavorful start!