6 Natural + Gentle Face Washes…

We all know by now just how important it is to take care of our skin. Wash your face, tone your face, moisturize your face, apply eye cream to correct the dark circles under your eyes, wear sunscreen, detox your skin weekly with a face mask… Being a woman is a lot of hard work, am I right? But lets talk the importance of face wash. There are a million and one different face washes you can choose. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and you just pick which ever looks good to you without actually looking at the ingredients.

Thankfully, in my spare time, I obsessively follow and partake in all things beauty and self-care related because, it’s just my little happy place. So, I am here to give you the 411 on face washes that steer away from parabens, phthalates, and fragrances, so that we can focus on natural, gentle and organic face washes that leave us with the same results, just without the harmful chemicals and irritants.



Alaffia Neem Turmeric Cleanser

Alaffia’s facial cleanser contains balancing turmeric, protective shea and nourishing moringa. It gently cleanses and fights impurities. Ideal for an uneven complexion and blemish prone skin.

Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser

This cream cleanser is pH perfection, supporting the skin’s natural balance of protective oils. Many overly alkaline cleansers strip the skin of the acid mantle, a protective layer of oils.  Additional antioxidants and hydrating oils leave the skin soft & smooth while gently washing away dirt & impurities.


Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay Cleansing Bar Soap

Each bar is unique and hand-crafted with love. This cleanser soothes the senses with a blend of Lavender and Litsea Oils to balance skin. Produces a rich, luxurious lather making this an ideal face or body bar, formulated for all skin types, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry.

100% Argam Creamy Cleanser

This rich and creamy cleanser that is safe for all skin types moisturizes and nourishes while gently washing away impurities. Loaded with silky smooth Argan oil, with infusions of anti-aging rosehip and antioxidant-rich açai. Leaves skin super soft and supple, without stripping healthy lipids or moisture. Free of sulfates and harsh detergents, which are especially harmful to both dry and sensitive skin.


Juice Beauty Organic Facial Wash

This daily essential cleanser safe for all skin types is a refreshing blend of organic botanical juices, linseed, and essential fatty acids. Revitalizing organic helichrysum and carrot seed will remove impurities while protecting your skin’s natural moisture balance for an organic, healthy looking complexion.


Bioclarity Cleanse

Banish ick and oil without fighting dirty. Effective, yet gentle, rich foaming facial cleanser with refreshing cucumber, antioxidant green tea, and calming chamomile.