Roses are red, violets are blue.  Need ideas for Valentine’s?  We do too!  February 14, the day equated with love, red, pink, roses, hearts and all things mushy to so the love to people around you.  (In my personal opinion, that SHOULD be every day, but, for all-intensive purposes of this post, we’ll stick to just the 14th!) 

People always seem to stress out about: What to get my Valentine?  What if I don’t have a Valentine?  How much should I spend or what to buy my Valentine?  Well today we’ve got you covered with five fantastic ideas that will show more love than you can imagine and not even come close to breaking the bank for your Valentine, Galentine, Sister, Cousin or neighbor…why?  As these ideas are all based around your time!  Not the amount of money spent, but the time spent to do something for them.

Show Off Your Culinary Skills

You don’t have to be a Chef from the Food Network, but in my opinion having someone cook you a ‘unique’ meal (not talking Mac n Cheese from a box) but really spend the time making a menu for the person you love, shows the time you put into making them their favorite meal.  Maybe each course has a theme (aka. where you had your first date; the wine is the same type of wine you had at your wedding; etc.) But make it special, make it unique…it will floor them!

Date Around the Town

Do you have special spots in town that are memories of your loved one?  Maybe a park, a theater, a spot you calls ‘yours’…make it a progressive date.  Doesn’t have to cost much at all…but each spot you stop at, have there be a card or something small and special that reminds the person why that date or location means so much to you.  Can turn it into a scavenger hunt reflecting moments of love.

Crafty Time

This is not just for women or kids.  To this day one of my favorite Valentine’s gifts from my husband was something he made for me.  He took wood planks from a building location to us, nailed in about 200 small nails in the shape of a heart and entwined red string between the nails showing how our love is united through hard times and great times.  The wood was reflective of a special location to us (good times) and the nails were reflective of the hard times…but that the red string (our love) is an endless piece that ties us and holds us together.  It hangs in my closet still and I see it every day.

Make a Playlist

I’m dating myself with this comment, but I remember making playlists on old CD’s back in the day.  If you got a playlist on Valentine’s of romantic songs from the guy you liked so much…OMG, you were official  and were probably going to get married (being sarcastic, but I’m pretty sure many of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about).  But in my opinion, songs that matter and have meaning (through both the lyrics as well as songs that captured a special moment/occasion) there’s nothing better.  My father-in-law just did this for their wedding anniversary and his wife LOVED it!  All about the time he took to find the songs that brought back memories.

Quality Time

I know this last idea is what I’ve been talking about the whole blog, but nothing is truly more precious than time to show love.  The older and older we get, we understand this more.  All I want is time…time to go on a walk with my family, time to sit and play a board game, time to go to the park together.  That is love.  And requires nothing more than being present.