5 Ways to Make Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

Monday’s…so many people dread the start of the work week.  Who reads their social media news feed on Monday morning to see all the quotes about “sigh, it’s Monday” or “where did the weekend go”?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekend/family time just as much as everyone else, but Monday doesn’t have to be such a drag! 

So what is my secret to making Monday your new favorite day of the week?  Read along:

  1. Rise + Shine: Set your alarm the night before (mine goes off around 5:45am…with enough room for one snooze round) and get up and get going.  Don’t dread the day and keep putting it off by pushing snooze for an hour, but get up and embrace the new week.
  2. Brew the Java: Whoever invented the timer on a coffee machine should be given a trophy as it is seriously the best thing ever. I love starting my Monday’s off with the house quite, my pre-brewed/timer coffee waiting for me, a note pad and my laptop.  Normally Monday’s require more than the standard one cup of coffee to get me going and keep me peppy, but there’s something about starting off the week truly enjoying that fresh pot of coffee! 
  3. Goals for the Week: Hello all Type-A people like myself.  We live and breathe off of beautiful lists, post it notes and organized calendars.  Who is with me?  Every Monday, while I’m enjoying #2 above, I have my lists, notebooks, calendars and a blank page for me to set out my weekly goals.  Some of the goals are work related, some are things for my family or misc items I’ve been wanting to tackle (hello—closet cleanout!)  But setting my goals for the week not only helps keep me organized and focused, but it allows me to feel accomplished as I check them off.  Mind you, it’s not all the SMALL goals, I’m talking your big goals for the week.  That way when your time is getting pulled, you constantly have that “Primary Goal List” for the week to go back to and allow yourself to refocus and determine if your time is being spent on the things you listed as being most important for the week! 
  4. Weekly Prep/Planner: This is totally different than the goals for the week…but honestly, one of the things that keeps me MOST sane…weekly prep.  For our family, this is primarily food prep for the week and/or organizing items for any special items we have that week (ie. If my hubby and I have a business dinner to attend, I will prep a small extra bag with the items our daughter will need when we drop her off at our parents house to babysit…that way I’m not stressing last minute).  But food prep is my key to nightly success.  I literally have all our meals organized for the week: breakfast, lunches and dinners…everything has been bought at the store on Saturday or Sunday and is prepped and ready to go.  So when I get home from work, dinner is simple to finish prepping and I already know what to be making for our lunches the next day.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but once you get a system down, it truly isn’t and it will save you time AND money (figure you can omit those “we need to grab fast food cause I don’t have anything for dinner” trips). 
  5. Playlist Fun: This is MY favorite way to get my Monday’s ramped up and going.  Once my daughter is dropped off, on goes mommy’s fun dance playlist.  I LOVE music…some of my favorite Monday morning music includes anything from Jennifer Lopez to Carrie Underwood or some strong empowering “I’ve got this” music to make me embrace my day on my drive to the office.  THIS gets me going and when I step out of the car I’m ready to dance my way into the day! 

It’s Monday today—are you ready to embrace the week and know you have 5 new days in front of you to get a lot done and make it be great?  I hope you are ready cause Monday’s really aren’t that bad and can be a fun way to start a fresh and new week filled with opportunities!  Cheers (with my big coffee mug and goal list in hand)…let’s make it a fabulous week!

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