5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas On A Budget

5 Valentine’s Gift Ideas On A Budget That Your Loved Ones Will Love!

True love shouldn’t have to mean going broke! Not everyone can afford pricey gifts on Valentine’s day and even if you could, is that really what it’s all about? What happened to “it’s the thought that counts!” After all, saying “I love you” doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money. In fact, the smallest gifts are sometimes the more valuable. I would much rather have a beautiful card and a handwritten note, than a bouquet of flowers that cost you $100 bucks that will eventually die. So, here are 5 of my favorite gift ideas on a budget that will definitely melt the heart of your husband, boyfriend, or even just your best friend!


1. Baskets

This is one of my favorites! I find my husband’s favorite 6 pack of bottled beer (you can also use soda or non-alcoholic drinks), I get a big piece of cellophane and sit the 6 pack in the middle. Then I start to add all the things that my husband loves to snack on like corn nuts, beef jerky, chocolate, summer sausage, etc. I have even added items like cute valentine boxers and small tools like a tape measure or flashlight. Lastly, add a hand-written card or valentines card for that sentimental touch, and then wrap it up! This is one of my husbands most favorite gifts to get.

2. T-Shirts 

I don’t know about you, but my husband LOVES t-shirts and he never seems to have enough of them. Old Navy t-shirts are great and affordable. They are very soft and are usually on sale or even clearance! I can typically find 4-5 t-shirts for less than $20 and this always makes him super happy!

3. Happy Jar

To make the happy jar, my kids and I, take small pieces of paper and write down things that we know he doesn’t always like to do. For example, taking out the garbage or doggie poop pickup. You can also offer to do things that THEY love, like back and feet rubs. This one is always a big winner in my house.

4. Playlist/CD

Another one of my favorite things is music. Music makes the world go around, it makes your soul catch fire and your spirit sing. It also brings back memories (try to stick to good ones lol). Sometimes we need to go back and remember where and why these relationships started and rekindle some of those feelings. And there is nothing better than music to get that job done. So, whether it is on a CD, a record, an iTunes playlist or an MP3 player, compile the songs that touch your heart. Along with this, write down on index cards, comments about each song and what they mean to you. Give them the playlist along with the notecards and listen together so that you can reminisce about the good ole days!

5. Car Care Kit

As annoying as it is, all men love to pamper their cars, (insert eye roll) so, a car care kit is another pretty easy and inexpensive gift to give. Try to find a bucket, preferably red or decorated, and add things like air fresheners, leather cleaner, tire shine, window cleaner, Armor All and a sponge. These items are things that can be used throughout the year and that your loved one will really appreciate. Remember to add a note stating that you are not responsible for the cleaning part 🙂

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