5 Uplifting + Inspiring Podcasts…

Are you on the podcast bandwagon yet?! I so am! I love listening to insight, stories, interviews, inspiration… there is literally a podcast for anything and everything. On my way home in 5 o’clock traffic, I generally listen to one of my saved favorites and get a little more out of my drive home rather than being frustrated or zoned out from all the chaos. Podcasts are essentially the new age version of talk radio. Each podcast is focused around the host’s passion, profession, or expertise. Some podcasts are scripted, some are ran loosely, it’s all about finding what you like. If you are looking for some inspiration here are my top 5 favorite uplifting and inspiring podcasts that you can listen to on the road, in treatment, at your desk, or just wherever best fits your lifestyle!

1. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations 

Who has more insight, passion, and connection to others than Oprah? I’ll wait. She has everything from medical professionals to celebrities to influential women and leaders. You can find so much on her series and a little something to inspire everyone.

2. Lauren Conrad’s Asking for a Friend

I started listening to this podcast because I’ve never let go of the fact that Laguna Beach and The Hills is no longer in my life, but it gave me SO MUCH MORE. Lauren brings together her friends in different industries to share their journey, what made them successful, and advice for anyone out there. The great part is that even though these guests have certain niches, what they say applies to all aspects of life!

3. Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Sophia meets with female business owners and talks about everything from success to self-love. Whether you are looking for that motivational boost to hit your big professional goal  or just want to hear women cheering on women this is a great listen.

4. For the Love with Jen Hatmaker

Jen asks tough questions and dives deep into any and everything. She talks on people, home, family, community, travel and so much more. Every podcast is so relatable and it’s like you are sitting at the coffee shop with your girlfriends.

5. The Good Life with Stevie and Sazan

This is such an inspirational, warming and captivating podcast as Stevie and Sazan have powerful conversations with people making an impact in the world. If you are looking for some immediate inspo and motivation, I would start here.

Just like movie, book, food each person has their own taste. I hope this gives you a great starting point for finding some inspiration to throw into your days. For more inspirational blogs visit iGoPink Life.