5 Tips for Holiday Fitness

5 tips for staying fit during the holiday


In my family the holidays are CRAZY, literally my husband and I jump from house to house for 2 two days non-stop. This does not include all the holiday decorating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and extra parties. Giving up holiday fun and food for the gym can be less than appealing. So here are 5 tips for including fitness during the holidays!

  1. Do what you love, love what you do! Find an activity that you enjoy. It can be walking your dogs. Zen out with yoga. Or if you’re lucky enough to have snow… go for a snowshoe trek. When I am having fun and getting some exercise at the same time then I am more likely to do it.
  2. Fun Run. There are tons of holiday themed 5ks out there. 5ks are great for any fitness level as most are family friendly and just encourage movement, meaning walking is ok! When you are part of a large group of 5k-ers in elf and Santa costumes it makes for an interesting and entertaining day of activity.
  3. Try something new. Pre-Christmas, I always like to try a new fitness class, piece of equipment or gear. Many stores and gyms offer promos and free trials (it’s to encourage purchase for the new year), I use this as an opportunity to see if I want to add this to my Christmas list. For example, I recently tried out a new spin cycle class and loved it, so I asked for a membership for Christmas.
  4. Prioritize yourself. We can get caught up during the holidays preparing for others. Exercise and fitness is your time, honor yourself and your body. I try to schedule an hour of exercise each day (yoga, lifting, long dog walk, etc.). It’s always different. It’s always at different times. But it focuses my attention on my health so I can be able to enjoy time with my loved ones for the family.
  5. Park FARRRRR AWAY. This is actually something I do year-round but I started during the Holidays a couple years back. I don’t spend a ton of time circling crowded lots when I am out shopping. Instead, I park in the very back and walk (mall, grocery store, Target, wherever I go). It truly makes a difference, especially when you have to walk back with arms filled with heavy shopping bags.

Remember the Holidays are a time to be joyous and merry. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be a gym rat or fit in that run (unless that’s your passion of course). Work on enjoying the time with loved ones, having fun and taking care of yourself!

-Alix Josey

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