5 Thoughtful Gifts for Those Currently in Treatment…

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer through out the duration of their lives which means there are high chances that we all know someone who has been touched by breast cancer. One of the first things we want to do when finding out a loved one has been diagnosed is to offer our help in any way we can. While they may tell you that all they need is for you to simply be there – you may find yourself wanting to show your support in other ways.

If you haven’t experienced the journey of a cancer battle you may feel at a loss of what to buy or where to even begin. One way I love to give gifts is in the form of gift baskets! You’re able to tailor them to the individual and make up a fun basket full of some of their favorite things and some really great essentials too. Here are 5 thoughtful gifts to share with someone who is undergoing treatment.



Cozy Blanket

When it comes to undergoing treatment – comfort is key. Your loved one will have to spend a lot of time at the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and we all know how cold hospitals can get. Places like Ross, TjMaxx or Target have tons of throw blankets with cute designs so you’re sure to find one in their favorite color, with their favorite animal or even with their favorite sports teams logo!


Earphones & iTunes Gift Card

Treatment sessions can drag and take hours. A great way for your loved one to pass the time is to listen to their favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks. Earphones are a great way for them to enjoy what’s on their phone without disturbing others and a gift card is great so they can download freely without having to worry about charges!


Personal-Care Items

Treatment can often lead to dry and flaky skin. Skin moisturize and lip balm are great to have on hand when your loved one is on the go. Keep in mind to look for unscented, clean products as harsh chemicals and fragrances may irate their skin. Any products that are labeled for sensitive skin are good pick ups as they typically don’t contain any extra additives. Other personal care items that are great to throw in are things like hand sanitizer to avoid those hospital germs or ginger candies to combat any nausea they may have.

Water Bottle

Like many others, I personally am a huge fan of water bottles and cups just because they are so cute! Staying hydrated during treatment is crucial. A great way to make sure your loved one always has water with them is to gift them with a large BPA free water bottle. You can even go that extra step and add a custom design or monogram their name on it!

Hat or Beanie

It’s not easy to cope with or face the fact that one treatment starts your loved one may start to lose their hair as it is a large part of our identity whether we like to admit it or not. A lot of the times its comforting to have hats or beanies to wear while they go through this transition and can make their journey a bit easier.