5 Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Self Esteem

Body positivity can change everything, check out these 5 Instagram accounts to boost your self esteem!

We all know that exercise has crucial health benefits, breast cancer prevention being one of them, it can be hard. Exercise can be hard. And it can be intimidating. And in a world of “perfect bodies,” we can often slip into the dark hole of comparing ourselves to others. Here’s the thing, our bodies are amazing machines that are capable of so much. When you give your body some major love (both mentall & physically), I promise it will treat you back! So I’ve come up with 5 Instagram accounts to boost your self esteem!

It’s weird for me to blog on this. I am the literal queen bee of comparison, and my main problem was my social media scrolling. I would see a girl from high school on Facebook and instantly look down at my body and think, “Why can’t I look like her?!” or I’d be thumbing through Instagram and look at all the Victoria Secret models and think ugly words about myself.

I was working out, I was eating “well” but I was still so mentally unhappy. Because I took what I saw through a (most likely highly-edited) picture and wondered if I would ever be that “pretty… beautiful… chisled…” Again, our bodies are AH-MAZZZZEEE-ING machines, and they are different for each and every individual. My body is a beautiful, amazing thing that is propelling me through life. And YOUR body is beautiful and strong and loves you. That’s why I have taken a whole new approach to social media, and it has changed my body and life.

I now look to things like Instagram and follow some of the healthiest and most inspirational women all around the world for pure inspiration. Each of these women I absolutely love to “love” their photos, whether they’re sharing their workouts, their food, or their body-positive messaging they are filling my feed with good vibes and tons of love for fitness, and I am loving it! 😊



Kayla is founder and creator of BBG a quick workout program for anyone on every fitness level and every schedule. Her feed is filled with positive affirmations, fitness videos, travels and more and is someone who inspires me daily to be my best self!


@Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones is one of the few athletes who as competed in both the Winter and Summer Olympic games. Besides the fact that she is a superstar athlete, she fills my feed with the same dorky sense of humor I have. She’s a great follow to show it’s more fun to laugh and goof off while exercising then making it a chore.



Britney is just about the cutest health/life/fitness blogger I follow on my feed. She’s all about loving your self and her 80+ pound weight loss journey is totally inspiring and amazing! Go, Britney!



I honestly don’t remember how I found this account to be 100% honest, but I am sure glad I did. As an Orlando-based Life Coach, Jess shares everything from her meal prep to her exercise posts, to some cute little infographics to get you through your life.



I love following Self Magazine on Instagram because the magazine promotes health and wellness beautifully for women. I’m always digging through their Insta account for workout ideas, watching cooking demos, and reading some amazing stories about how women have conquered different health issues.

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