5 Fun Fitness Finds

I’m all about finding new fun equipment/clothes/accessories to make my workouts more fun and less like a chore. I’m also in the process of transferring to a full-time home-gymer so I have slowly been adding to our collection to make sure I have everything I may need for my workouts!

  1. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker 

What’s a hardcore cardio session or bold weight lifting workout without your perfect playlist? This little speaker is super portable to follow you wherever your workout may take you, the park, your garage, or even for a living room yoga session. Since it’s Bluetooth it can play that awesome Spotify playlist that you spent hours creating. I also like to hook up my laptop and play Netflix when I’m in for a low impact cardio session or need to change it up.


  1. Weighted “Piloxing” Gloves 

When I was in college I took a Piloxing class with my besties. We had so much fun, it was a combination of Pilates moves and Kickboxing moves. The kicker was we wore these lightly weighted gloves which I thought were going to be a total joke (they weren’t my arms were constantly on fire). Well, I’ve moved away and haven’t taken a Piloxing class in about 5 years, but I still incorporate these gloves into my workouts whether it’s doing some simple boxing moves or adding some arm work by wearing them during a run.


  1. Jump Rope

Always have and always will love using this gem. Jumping rope is a great way to do some intense cardio in small bursts of time. Trying jumping for a minute straight in-between each lift set.


  1. Battle Ropes 

I have to confess, I don’t own these quite yet. They’re still sitting on my wish list. I’ve messed around with these bad boys in my current gym and they are so much fun! The great thing about battle ropes is they serve as both cardio and resistance training all in one and work everything from your arms and back to your legs and booty (could you ask for anything better?) Search Pinterest for some great battle rope exercises!


  1. YAAAASSS Queen Tank  

Usually when I workout at home, I put on my nasty, ratty 2009 shorts and college T’s. Why wear my cute “workout” clothes for anything other than brunch?!? But dressing for your workout is half the part! These cute workout tanks make for the perfect motivation/workout selfie to power you through.


Some people (mainly me) dread working out at home. But with all the great pieces of equipment and fun fitness accessories, it makes it seem better than spending money each month at a crowded gym.

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