5 Daylight Savings Hacks

5 easy tips to enjoy daylight savings a little more

Are you totally groaning and dragging into work because you “lost” an hour from yesterday’s Daylight Savings Time? Well while I feel ya (because sleep is life) I also am so stoked because I love this time of year! Daylight Savings means more sunshine in your day and I am absolutely loving everything about it. But in case you still need some convincing that all that sunshine isn’t worth the hour of sleep you “lost,” here are my top ways to enjoy the spring forward.

  1. Get some extra Vitamin D. After being cooped up inside this fall and winter, Daylight Savings brings some extra time in our day to enjoy all the benefits of the sun! Even if you take a few minutes every couple of hours of your workday to take a mental break, the extra Vitamin D will help you reduce your risk of breast cancer!
  2. Some QT with the fur babies. My two four-legged babies are definitely not getting the necessary exercise these past few months. Between all the rain, freak-Houston-ice-snow, and our full schedules. We have not been the best at taking Von and Denver for their daily walks. Since it’s dark by the time we get home from work, we generally find an excuse to not go (sorry my sweet innocent babies). BUT now that there is plenty of extra sunshine after our workday, it’s such a nice way to end our day.
  3. Give your yard some TLC. Sun is plant food! The extra daylight provides the perfect opportunity to refresh your yard with some spring blooms! I don’t know about y’all, but our lawn looks like it has never seen the sun ever. Daylight savings is giving us that extra bit of light we need on the weekend and even after work to put some love and care into our poor, sad yard.
  4. Indulge in the occasional happy hour. The after-work sunshine is the perfect recipe for a happy hour drink or iced coffee with your co-workers. Or even spend time with friends for a mid-week unwind. Find a nice patio space and sip your drinks, catch-up, and boost your mood by sharing some laughs.
  5. Explore local markets. With the nicer weather, you’ll start to see more local farmer’s markets pop up around you. All with vendors ready to share their fresh produce, baked goods, and even specialty items like olive oils and soaps. OMG getting so excited just thinking about it! Shopping at farmer’s markets allows you to learn more about your community, support local businesses, and freshen up your food choices

Y’all I’ve never been more excited about losing an hour of sleep in my life! There are so many different ways to enjoy Daylight Savings time. Don’t worry. You don’t have to fit it in all on Sunday or Monday. You have until November 4th to try some of my top ways to spring forward!

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