5 Apps To Help Keep Life Organized


10 Apps to help you get your life organized

Organizational apps are my favorite. If you are a Type-A personality like myself, then you have to have everything color-coded and in its place. Otherwise, your life seems like a chaotic mess that just keeps spiraling. And if you are also like me, then you tend to always be on your phone. There is an app for everything these days. And they often make our life much easier with things like fitness tips, calorie counting, and staying organized.

To be honest, I don’t know how people did things without their phones 10 years ago. (I know I know, call me a millennial, but it’s true!)

Staying organized though has a ton of benefits. Especially if you are going through breast cancer and tend to have a ton of appointments and medications you are trying to keep in order. Staying organized can alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. So take a peek at 5 of my favorite apps to help you stay organized on the daily!

Productive – The Productive app helps you build a routine for your daily habits by setting personal goals, tracking your daily progress towards your goals, and it even motivates you to achieve those goals! So if you are wanting to get organized with your fitness schedule, or to take more mental breaks throughout the day this app would be perfect for you!


Mint – The Mint app is designed specifically to help you manage your money in one place. If you are trying to save money, or just trying to manage your money in a healthier way. Mint is the way to go. You can easily keep track of your spending and categorize exactly what each transaction goes towards. Helping to make sure you aren’t spending pointless money.


Wunderlist – Wunderlist is a wonder on how it keeps you SO organized! This is one of my personal favorites because it has a built-in to-do list and I LIVE for to-do lists. I make lists for just about anything. Such as my grocery list, workout plan, and things I need to do for the week. Wunderlist also instantly syncs with your phone or computer so that you can access your to-do list anywhere you are no matter what!


My Water Balance – One thing my husband always has to remind me is to drink water. I don’t know why but drinking water is hard for me, I just can’t force myself to do it unless I am absolutely parched. So this app is super helpful by calculating your daily water intake and also sending notifications to your phone to remind you to drink up!


Cozi – This app is unique in itself because it allows you share your to-do list or calendar with your family and friends to let them know when you are available or crazy busy!



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