Date Night at Home and On a Budget

My fiancé and I just purchased our first house together a few months ago. So, we are quickly realizing where we can save and where to splurge. One thing we did a lot of before purchasing our house was eating out! This was the one thing that continued to eat up our money, plus it didn’t help that we love to try new restaurants.

We realized now that we have huge responsibilities, we need to cut out the things that are absolutely necessary. Starting with food *sobbing sounds*.

Although food is a necessity, we can go to the store and purchase a week’s worth of food for the same price we typically spend on one meal. But since this was our typical date night, I didn’t want to lose out on the intimacy this created for us, so I set out on finding ways to spend quality time with one another either on a budget or at home. As usual, I turned to my trusty friend, Pinterest. (

I’ve listed a few of my favorite At-Home date night ideas, as well as some low-cost ideas!

At-Home/Budget Date Ideas:

  • Cooking/Baking – Maker a killer meal together that you’ve never tried before. Play some music and have fun dancing and cooking in the kitchen together!
  • Park/Trail Rides – Get active together! Take out your bikes, or your trusty running shoes and take a ride or walk on the trails together!
  • Famer’s Market – Go to the local farmer’s market together and get some fresh ingredients and cook a delicious brunch for each other!
  • Massage/Spa Night – Ah! The all famous spa date night. Make sure to grab some lotion and really get in those knots! Light some candles, and it will really make it a romantic night!
  • Night on the Town – Look up online and see what kind of free events your town/city is hosting and take a trip downtown to try something new together, you may end up loving it!
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