4 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom for Better Sleep Tonight

Who doesn’t wish they had an extra hour of sleep almost every night?  We probably all do… living in a society where our phones are plugged in right next to our bed and everyone is constantly on the go, getting QUALITY sleep can be a struggle for many. 

We also hear this comment from breast cancer patients we help at iGoPink…many patients will comment that during recovery they spend so much time in their bedrooms at home and they just don’t feel comfortable or at ease in their rooms.

Being that one of my hobbies is interior re-design (meaning, taking a space and making minor changes to make it feel new), I recently took on this exact ‘problem’ in our own home.  Our bedroom space was nice, but just didn’t have that relaxing feel.  So, with my savvy designs, I tackled the challenge to make our bedroom more of a retreat.  And today, we feel like it is…thus why I’m sharing my easy tips (that don’t cost a lot either) to make your bedroom a resort/retreat that you will be able to sleep better in!


  1. Soothing Colors…our bedroom had a base color of white before, but I had blues and teals to give our room some pop. Well in looking through Pinterest boards for ideas of calming rooms, all the articles I read as well as my favorite pictures that I found were all of neutral colored rooms (whites, creams, silver, gold, grays).  So, I literally went and pulled the gray and silver pillows off my sofa and side chair, played around with swapping out the blues in the room with pictures we had from other rooms and spray painted the base of our lamps to white.  HELLO—AMAZING…and the only thing I bought was a $5 of spray paint!
  2. Scents…my husband loves scents. So, I found some soft lavender (also a soothing scent) to place under our bed. That way they weren’t too strong but gave the room a spa-like smell.  Super easy to DIY with some lavender oils (that I bought from the vitamin section of our local grocery store).  Can do it also with fresh lemon scents (or whatever you desire).  But now our room smells like a spa!!
  3. Serenity Music…this came from our daughter. Since the day she was born she has LOVED classical music.  If she’s crying, put on classical piano and she calms immediately.  Well, we’ve started a similar routine.  Rather than filling our brains with all the negative news before we go to bed (which only stresses us out) we now put on some music; some nights it is soothing piano, other nights it’s country or soft rock…but it sets a mood and leaves me happy at the end of the day.
  4. Soft lighting…this is all my hubby. He loves how light can act as art (and he’s so right!)  We softened up our lighting to have a three-way light bulb and added some ground can lights (bought at Home Depot for $9 each) to place in the corners of our room behind a tree we have in there and to just give it mood lighting vs. the strong overhead lights that are installed in our room.  It’s amazing how much more peaceful it makes walking into a soft lit room.


Can I promise you that this is going to make you sleep like a baby?  No, but I will tell you it’s repositioned my evening to be much more calm, soothing and restful. It’s amazing how a little re-design can bring serenity to your room and evening. We all deserve a restful evening and calmness to rejuvenate ourselves for the next day!

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