4 Healthy Margarita Recipes to Die For

4 healthy margarita recipes just in time for #NationalMargaritaDay

January felt like it lasted an entire year, February felt like it lasted about a week and we are now headed into March. With March comes the early start of Spring! One of my favorite times of the year. We can start to pull out our spring dresses and put away our winter coats. Well, at least here in the south we can. To commence the start of spring, what better way than to close out February with National margarita day?! It may fall on the 22nd of the month, but nothing says we can drag the celebration throughout the weekend (and maybe even the following weekend)!

Blame it on the kid in me but, I’m a huge fan of any sort of frozen drink. Snow cones, Ice-e’s, daiquiris, frozen margaritas. You name it! So, when it comes to my alcoholic beverage choice you can always bet your bottom dollar I’m choosing a larger frozen margarita over anything on the rocks!

While we can all enjoy an adult beverage every once in a while, it’s always important to make everyone feel included in your celebration! Whether it be your little ones who always want to see what you’re drinking, your pre-teen & teens who think they can get away with a sip when you look away, or someone who just prefers not to consume alcoholic beverages for health reasons, there is always a recipe to fit everyone’s needs!

With spring in the air and summer following closely behind it, it’s time to pull out those margarita machines out from under the cabinets. Check out a few recipes that I found that are sure to make your mouth water and your taste buds burst with flavor!

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