4 Fun Fall Fitness Ideas

It’s Fall…one of my favorite seasons of the year.  However, here in Texas, it’s still 90 and humid (so I’m pretending with my pumpkin spice everything that it’s like fall!)  From Fall fashions to pumpkin patches, the upcoming holidays and more, I LOVE Fall.  One of my favorite things about fall though is the fact that you can spend so much time outdoors and turn chores into fun and enjoy the outdoor fresh air.

Although I’m a MAJOR girly-girl, being outside in crisp sunny air does something good for my soul every day and it’s the BEST time of the year to sneak in some great workouts without thinking you’re even working out.  (And kudos on top of it, like we talk about at The Breast Cancer Charities of America, you can get your healthy dose of Vitamin D without all of the intensive/damaging rays that the summer sun provides…still keep your SPF handy, but you can workout outside without having to worry that you’ll burn in 5 minutes!)  Vitamin D, one of the leading ways to help PREVENT breast cancer.


But back to my 4 Fun Fall Fitness Ideas…grab your family as you’re going to ‘fall’ in love with these ideas (possibly a pun intended!)

  1. Go on an Autumn Leaf Hunt: Don’t you remember as a kid, going around and looking for all of the falling leaves or the different colors (so you could bring them home and use them as a coloring stencil?)  Well, life is short, let the kid of you enjoy the beautiful things in nature.  Go for a walk in the local park and aim to find 7 different leaves…one for every day of the week.  Look for colors, texture, depth and size…when you get home, research them and learn more.  You’ll suddenly appreciate your walks in the park a lot more when you know what you’re looking at!
  2. Yardwork: Stay with me as I know some of you just rolled your eyes.  It’s a GREAT workout and it doesn’t have to mean mowing the yard (although my hubby loves to do that on Sunday’s as his workout!)  But it could mean plating a few of the beautiful mums that are in blossom this time of the year. 
  3. Be a Kid at Heart: Favorite Fall pastime, jumping in leaves!!  Little did I know it was part of my chores to rake them all up, but the jumping in the pile of them (or bagging them into orange trash bags to make trash bag leave pumpkins) was THE BEST!  Take time with your kids to be a kid again…sure you’ll get dirty, but the laughs and memories will be worth it.
  4. Take It Outside: Simple fix…take your everyday workout, outside. Nothing like grabbing your yoga mat and free weights and setting up shop in your backyard or in a park.  Simply the fresh Fall smells makes your workout not seem so much like a ‘work’-out.

So grab your pumpkin spice everything and let’s together embrace the Fall scents, smells and time of the year.  It’s the best season to make your fitness routine one that enjoys the seasons!

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