4 Fitness Apps You Need to Stay On Track



4 fitness apps to keep you on track to your health & fitness goals

For every goal in your life accountability and support are probably the most influential factors to achieving that goal. It’s definitely important to have goals when it comes to my health and fitness. I want to completely love my body in the fullest capacity. Of course I always want to be stronger and quicker than I was before. I want to create a habit that will help reduce my risk of diseases like breast cancer. And I want to improve my mental and emotional health.  But like the true late 20-year-old I am, I have found awesome iPhone apps to keep me on track and are helping me reach all my goals!

nike-training-clubNike Training & Nike Running Club: While these are two separate apps I have, they are both produced by one of my favorite sports brands, Nike! The Nike Training app has tons of workout routines that vary between fitness levels, time, equipment needed, and different trainers. I love using the Nike Training app when I am looking for a quick, efficient and fun workout. Also when I go for my run or take my dogs for a walk I always use the Nike Running Club app, it keeps track of your distance, pace, and total miles over time. With the Nike Running Club app, it holds all previous runs/walks so if you hit a record time or distance it lets you know, an awesome feature to show all the progress you have made.


My Fitness Pal: I have used My Fitness Pal for years. First solely as my main food and water tracker (since food tracking is a huge part of weight loss success), but I never realized how good the exercise integration was in the app. MFP can connect your exercise to your calorie goals and adjust accordingly throughout the day. Definitely an oldy but goodie.

diet-bet-appDietBet: If you are influenced by a little competition or are influenced by making a little extra cash or both, diet bet is the way to go. DietBet offers different challenge groups to join. You choose one based on the timeframe you are looking to participate and how much you are wanting to spend. For example, you can choose a 60 day DietBet challenge and put in $10. If you lose 4% of your body weight in that 60 days you win your money back and possibly more! It’s a great way to keep accountability up and it’s also a really fun community.

happify-app-iconHappify: I only stumbled across Happify recently and already love it. You’re not going to find fitness programs, or diets, or anything “fitness” related to the app. But you will get so much from this mood booster app. Happify tracks your overall mental mood and works to boost it through different activities and games. With the right mindset, you can accomplish anything, even the hardest workout!


These are some of my top fitness apps to help keep me on track. So enjoy!

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