3 Uplifting Podcasts You Need in Your Life

3 uplifting podcasts that you need in your life to get inspired

I’ve never been a fan of talk show’s or podcasts up until recently. I’ve always been that person who switches to a different station the minute the talk show hosts came on. It wasn’t until I switched stations and tuned into the middle of the “Roula & Ryan’s Roses” segment part of the show that I finally gave it a chance. Next thing I knew I was sitting in my car yelling “OH nu-uh girl! You better leave him! He’s a lying cheater!!” Needless to say, the car next to me probably thought I was crazy. Haha! Since then, I’ve enjoyed listening to talk shows and podcasts. It a nice change from listening to the same repetitive songs on the radio or on my playlist.

When there’s nothing good on the radio, I turn to podcasts. Whether I need a good laugh, the 411 on the latest celebrity drama or a motivational message, the world of podcasts has something for everyone.

I’ve taken to listening to podcasts when I need a pick me up. I find myself in ruts that aren’t the easiest to get out of. My attitude, my motivation, my willpower, pretty much my whole being is an overwhelming, large BLAH. On days like that, I want to lay in bed and mope and eat all the junk food I can.

I think I can speak for everyone and say we’ve all had those days, and that’s okay! We’re all human, we all get down in the slumps. Sometimes all we need is a little pick me up to remind us of the strong, awesome people that we are! When I’m in need of a pick me up I find the most motivational, uplifting podcast I can, and throw myself into a workout (because workouts = dopamine and dopamine = those little happy chemicals in your brain). If you don’t know where to start when it comes to podcasts check out my 3 favorite uplifting podcasts about happiness, relationships, and struggles in life

uplifting podcasts

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

Favorite podcast: Redefining pretty & life with intention with Elizabeth Piper (the pretty girl revolution)

For when: you need a dose of uplifting GIRL POWER

Happier with Gretchen Rubin   

Favorite podcast:  Very Special Episode on the “Essential 7” for Happiness and Good Habits.

For when: You have an itch for a change in your life but don’t know quite where to start

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Favorite podcast – Do what ignites your soul

For when: you need relatable advice on when home life and work life conflict

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