3 Secrets to Staying Healthy & Well this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us…hard to believe but where has 2017 gone?  Does anyone else feel this way?

One of the biggest things that I always face coming up to the holidays is the struggle to eat well (and keep stress at bay) when there are temptations, parties and all sorts of family events to attend.  Coming from a strong Christian home, it’s a time of year that we focus on our faith and family first and foremost.  We have our family traditions (nothing huge, smaller sentimental things) and those take precedence over the “stress” that the holidays can evoke. 

However, despite the fact that I try not to get stressed out over the holidays, any “Type-A” person like myself, will most certainly get stressed out about the details being all pulled together!  So, although I do still have my moments of panic before the holidays, over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping the stress low and not gaining too many pounds from all the parties. 

3 Secrets to Staying Healthy & Well this Holiday Season

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan. Even if you’re reading this mid-November, you’re not too late to start planning.  I literally keep an all year long Christmas list on my phone.  Yes, some may call me crazy but it allows me to write down ideas (when I hear someone say that they really want something), and on my list it goes.  Most years, like this year, I’m done with my Christmas shopping by November.  Talk about one serious stress relief!
  2. Have a Snack. The attack of the calorie-filled tables of Christmas parties and festivities are a killer when trying to keep healthy.  My suggestion, have a small healthy, protein filled snack before you head off to the party along with a big glass of water to hydrate and fill your stomach.  Then, when at the parties, look for the healthier options if you get hungry…most people nowadays have a healthier option as they know many people are looking for such alternative.  Trust me, your stomach and waistline will thank you at the end of the season.
  3. Deep Breath. I know this sounds crazy, but make a cup of warm apple cinnamon tea, sit by the fire and breathe.  Next, turn on your favorite holiday music, watch your kids dance around talking about baby Jesus and Santa and take another big breath.  Lastly, turn on that favorite silly Christmas movie and sit there, cell phone free, enjoying every minute of it with your family and breathe.  So many times we get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to simply absorb the moment.  I’m VERY guilty of this and constantly need to remind myself, but all of a sudden you blink and the season is over and all you remember is the craziness. 

My challenge to you, make your 2017 Holiday season, the season that you truly remember.  Make the time for family, make the time to cook a traditional meal, make the time to keep your health a priority and make the time to remember the reason for all of our upcoming holiday seasons.  We’re all blessed in so many ways…enjoy and cherish those moments and you will be well. 

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