3 Healthy Starbucks Breakfast Items

Who Says You Can’t Eat A Healthy Starbucks Breakfast??

Whether you’re a breakfast sandwich fanatic like me, oatmeal lover, or Frappuccino sipper. These top 3 Starbucks items will have your morning starting off right—happy, healthy and ready to take on the week!



If you’re in a rush grab for a quick healthy snack, swing by Starbucks and grab you one of my top 3 Starbucks breakfast goodies. Whether you are fighting breast cancer, a survivor or wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, there’s always going to be a day where you’re in a rush or forgot to eat a good breakfast. When in doubt, drop by a local Starbucks and treat yourself to a well-deserved breakfast to help you start your morning off right!


Classic Blueberry Oatmeal

Sometimes I wake up and crave eggs, another day I want a good classic sandwich. On days where I know I need to eat something heart healthy and sweet, I stick with oatmeal. For me, I have to have fruit in mine, to add a little flavor to it. At Starbucks, they have their Classic Blueberry Oatmeal. Not only will you have a quick breakfast that is heart healthy. Adding in blueberries, your breakfast will have some antioxidants in it too. Cancer runs in my family, so it’s important to eat right and make sure you eat those “little cancer berries” as my mom calls them.

According to Medical News Today blueberries, “… reduce the abnormal cell growth that fuels cancer development”. So you can enjoy your blueberry oatmeal knowing these little blueberries are helping you fight cancer. Whether you’re a breast cancer patient, survivor or simply looking for a quick bite, try their blueberry oatmeal!

Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Even though the name of this sandwich is a mouthful, pun intended, give this breakfast sandwich a try! Not only will it be filling but it only has 210 calories with 18g of protein.  Whenever I go to Starbucks I have to get a drink, whether it’s coffee or my all time fav Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. But since we’re aiming to stick to healthy, try their Iced Espresso Caramel Macchiato for a sweet and coffee filled drink to help start your day. Nothing beats a great combo like this one, adding in a total of only 440 calories and filled tummy!


Spinach, Feta, and Cage-Free Breakfast Wrap

For those of you who love a good wrap, whether it’s for breakfast or lunch, these are not only packed with a good source of protein but they have spinach and feta inside. YUM!  If you’re looking to branch out from the sandwich go-to that you’re normally eating, give these a try. If you’re like me and love all things food and drinks, make sure you order another menu option. I suggest their Greek yogurt parfaits, with or without blueberries; the fruit is just a great added bonus. So before you swipe your card or hand them your cash, make sure you don’t leave without one of these healthy treats!

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