3 Easy Ways to Share HOPE with Others Today

HOPE…whether you’re going through breast cancer, a difficult time in life, a loss of a loved one or even rebuilding from a Hurricane, HOPE is the power and inspiration that get many people through the deepest and darkest days.   Over the last two weeks, our nation has seen people unite in hope…first Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas and now Hurricane Irma on the East Coast.  It’s been devastating to see and experience, but through the thick of the storm, our nation has united on HOPE.  Hope to restore, hope to survive, hope to help others.  It’s powerful.

Many people often ask, how can I help, what can I do in a time of need…I constantly say, SHARE HOPE!  Some people immediately understand this, while others look at me thinking that I was going to give them an answer of “please donate water or canned goods”.  But providing HOPE is one of the strongest sources we can do as humans to help someone in need.  So today I’m sharing my top 5 (and easy to implement) ways to provide HOPE:

  1. Smile: It may sound so simple and obvious, but in times of despair, a genuine smile can be so powerful.  I heard JJ Watt talking about this on the news just last week in his efforts to not only financially help the city of Houston, but physically out there loading water/food for people…his comment was, “in a time of need, a smile is a powerful thing.”
  2. Write a Note: At The Breast Cancer Charities of America we have a volunteer program called ‘Cards of Hope’…and they are exactly that. HOPE…quotes, short messages, inspiration.  There are so many people going through a difficult time that a simple hand written note, or quote (could even be on a post it note stuck to their car window) will be the small gesture they needed and the reminder that there is good in the world.
  3. Volunteer: This could be at a local non-profit, your church, food shelter, hospital…or it may be for a friend of family member. ‘Can I drive you to your doctor’s appointment; or can I sit with you through radiation; or can I do your laundry for you’.  The smallest gesture, by using the value of your time, means so much to so many.

So the next time you see that person…maybe it’s a school teacher, a senior, a child that maybe is being bullied at school, a breast cancer patient, your neighbor whose home was just destroyed or a friend having a bad day, remember the small things that inspire HOPE. 

For many of us in Houston, Hurricane Harvey has been a wake up call.  It’s opened our eyes to realizing the importance of every single day…as NONE of us know how many we’re going to get here on this earth.  But simply being there, letting someone know you care, it can move mountains and change lives.  Be someone that does something good in the world today.  We’ll all be better from it.

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