3 Easy Ways to Get Moving After Your Surgery

Surgeries are tough. When I was 18 I made the decision of getting a Breast Reduction for health and back reasons. I remember waking up in the absolute worst pain I had ever felt. My mom took me home that day and I was in and out from all the meds. I remember at one point being in the fetal position on my bathroom floor, BAWLING. Fast forward 2 weeks later, I felt like the laziest person on planet earth. I was healed enough to where I wasn’t in immense pain anymore and even though I felt like I could get back to my normal routine, my doctor always had to remind my stubborn self that my body was still healing on the inside. Before my surgery, I had gotten into such a great habit of going to the gym every day, I was working as a server at the time at a fast-paced restaurant so to be told I couldn’t work, couldn’t work out, couldn’t lift heavy things took such a toll.

Any surgery takes its toll on a person but, for those battling breast cancer, when the time comes for them to do their lumpectomy, mastectomy, or reconstruction it is HARD. Having to deal with your body healing on top of still dealing and recovering from the side effects of treatments. There are so many little things you can’t do that you wouldn’t even think of until you’re in the moment. Bending down to pick up your child, picking up that slightly heavy laundry basket spilling over the top, bringing your groceries inside, cleaning your home. The list goes on and on.

While there are many things you have to hold off on until your doctor gives you the go-ahead around your 6th-week post-surgery, there are still ways get moving after surgery! Of course, we here at BCCA always encourage you to get clearance from your doctor and medical team before trying even the most minimal exercise moves.

Check out these 3 easy ways exercise movements to try out after your breast surgery!

Shoulder Rolls

  • Start by standing with your arms relaxed by your side and your feet shoulder width apart
  • Rotate your shoulders forward in a circular motion
  • Repeat this movement backward 5-10 times

Elbow Wings

  • Start by clasping your hands behind your neck with your elbows pointing up toward the ceiling
  • Slowly move your elbows apart and down toward the bed or floor as far as you can
  • Repeat this movement 5-10 times

Arm Circles

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and raising one arm as high as you comfortably can
  • Start making slow, backward circles in the air with your arm, keeping your elbow straight. begin increasing the size of the circles until they’re as large as you can comfortably make them
  • Repeat this movement 5-10 times and then switch off to your other arm
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