3 Chic Lunch Bags and Where to Get Them

If you’re like me then you typically prepare your lunch the night before to ensure that you get the absolute maximum amount of sleep possible. I also typically pack my lunch to save on money and make sure that I am eating a decent meal! However, I’ve never been a brown sack kind of girl. My fiancé prefers to use grocery bags, but I’ve always loved making sure I coordinate with everything that I own, he likes to call that OCD, but I just call it style!

If I’m going to bring my lunch, I’m going to look cute doing so. I love bright and colorful bags to spice up my work days and make them a little more enjoyable. We’ve talked with a lot of women here going through breast cancer that take their lunch with some snacks during chemo, and they are always making sure they have fun bright colored items with them to keep their spirits up. With chemo sessions typically lasting several hours at a time, breast cancer patients are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to keep themselves hydrated and nourished.

Here are a few of my favorite brands when it comes to chic lunch bags and making sure I eat lunch in style!


Vera Bradley: they have such a variety of fun patterns to choose from and they aren’t typically too expensive, especially because they always have sales going on! They have a couple of different sizes and shapes as well. The good things about their bags is that they are insulated. I actually own a Vera Bradley bag and have been using it since high school and I absolutely love it!

Kate Spade: This brand is always so chic and professional, but so cute at the same time! They even have a ton of fun sayings on some of the lunch bags! I love Kate Spade because they are so trendy and simple!

Target: Target is always my go-to for basically everything, they literally have the cutest stuff for any of your needs, and they have such a huge price range that makes them even more likeable.

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