15 Minutes to Healthier You

What’s the one thing you can do to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer prevention, arthritis, and improve sleep, your sex life, your mood—and just about anything in your life that needs preventing or improving? Exercise! I’ve shared a blog post from Juley Buckley Fitness that I just love and think you will too!

15 Minutes to Healthier You to prevent heart disease, breast cancer and more

And what did a whopping 48% of people tell us they “rarely” do, or can’t find enough time for? Exercise!

We get it. When you have 87 things to get done in one day and limited time to do them, dragging yourself to the gym feels about as realistic as a Hallmark movie.  Add things like knee pain, cardio, and just plain boredom to the mix and you’ve got the perfect storm of MIA motivation!

Here’s a fun, easy and quick workout for those days when you just don’t feel like exercising!

It only takes 15 minutes to do and we only do each exercise for 40 seconds, so it really flies by! But at the same time, you are still doing something great for your body. Even just 15 minutes of moving around can make a big difference to how you feel day in and day out and it’s far better for your health than doing nothing at all.

Every day doesn’t have to be about setting new records for yourself or even putting 100% into your workout. There will be days when that’s just not going to happen and on days when you really don’t feel like working out, making sure you at least do something, is something you should be very proud of!

There’s no jumping in this workout, so you don’t need expensive training shoes, just wear comfortable clothes you can easily move around in and turn up the tunes!

15 minutes to a healthier you

Do each exercise for 40 seconds then take a quick 10-second break before moving on to the next move.

  1. Bird dog
  2. All fours straight leg lift – Right
  3. All fours diagonal leg lift – Right
  4. All fours bent leg lift -Right
  5. All fours bent leg pulse -Right
  6. All fours straight leg lift – Left
  7. All fours diagonal leg lift -Left
  8. All fours bent leg lift – Left
  9. All fours bent leg pulse – Left
  10. Diamond press up
  11. Boat hold
  12. Side plank knee raise R
  13. Side plank knee raise L
  14. Leg lift flex point toe R
  15. Leg lift flex point toe L
  16. Russian twist
  17. Butterfly back raise
  18. Plank to down dog
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