You’ve made it through Thanksgiving. Now we are officially in the depths of the holiday season. The planning, the gifting, the hosting. I absolutely love it all! And with how quickly it seems to creep up on me every year, I tend to throw all caution to the wind and don’t get a budget together. (Which on January 2nd I completely regret). But don’t worry there are plenty of ways to not let that happen and save money this holiday season!

Everyone deserves and can have a happy, healthy, and heartful holiday season no matter what your budget may be. We often hear of those who are undergoing breast cancer treatment that their medical bills are taking place of where they would generally spend during the holidays. First and foremost, the holidays are not about how much money you spend, it’s about the togetherness, thankfulness, and memories you are creating. Spending time with those we love and enjoying all that is the holiday season!

We took some time to analyze where most people tend to spend the most money during the holidays and came up with 10 ways to save money this holiday season. So, no matter where you may be this year, you can focus on what matters most!

1. Holiday Party Potlucks

My husband and I love hosting our friends and family. But when you are planning to feed 10-30 people at a time, that can equate to groceries for a month. Make your holiday parties potluck style and have all your guests contribute!

2. Christmas Light Stroll

Bundle up with your favorite people, make some hot cocoa to go and take a stroll around the neighborhood to look at all the lit-up houses.

3. Take a Treat Yourself Break

I’m all about Treat Yourself, but that can get really expensive as you continuously stop for Eggnog Lattes while you run a million errands.

4. Send ECards

Printing and stamping Christmas cards to send out for the holidays can be pricy. Use and E Card service and share all your 2019 memories and holiday photos with as many people as you like!

5. Use that List

When you create a shopping list, stick to it. Veering off the list is a quick way to up that total at check out.


6. Lights Out

Our house (inside and out) is covered in Christmas lights, but we use an outdoor timer and make sure the indoor lights are only on when we are around. It helps to keep the electricity bill low all season.

7. Crafty Creations

Take a look at that craft board on your Pinterest account and use it to create a ton of low cost, high appreciation gifts!

8. It’s Ok to Skip Out

You will likely get invited to a bunch of holiday parties and get togethers, that then include things like gift exchanges, obligated to bring hostess gifts, or go out to a pricier dinner. Prioritize and don’t feel bad to saying no to some of those holiday parties where there may be a few acquaintances.

9. Hydrate & Stay Healthy

The holiday season is also a time for colds and the flu. Stay hydrated and keep focused on your personal health, as I’m sure fueling up on cold medicine and copays is not how you want to spend your holiday budget.

10. Home is Where the Heart Is

So much love and holiday cheer can be brought in your home. Plan and host Christmas movie watching nights, decorate the tree with your little ones and play iSpy each night with the ornaments. There are different ways to make your home the place to be throughout the holidays!