10 Ways to Pay it Forward…

What goes around, comes around. Am I right? How amazing have you felt after doing a good deed? Or how many times has someone done something nice for you and you immediately had to analyze the last time you paid it forward?

Doing good does have health benefits including reduced stress & depression and improves self-esteem. Paying it forward does not always have to be those grandiose gestures you see go viral, there are simple, helpful ways that you can have fun + do good any day of the week. Here are 10 ways you can pay it forward.


  1. Hold the door/elevator open for others. As a new mom, I know how much this simple act helps.
  2. Create a Facebook Fundraiser. Facebook is a great way to let your circle know why your passionate for a certain cause.
  3. Donate Unused Extras. Have a bunch of unused nail files from your company’s expo? How about donating them to the Feeling Beautiful Again program to go to breast cancer patients!?
  4. Run for a Cause. Come join The Breast Cancer Charities of America at our annual Pink 5K, or run it virtually to support those impacted by breast cancer.
  5. Do the dishes & make the bed. Just because it’s a “simple” household chore, doesn’t mean your spouse does not appreciate the additional help.
  6. Treat someone while you treat yourself. It’s payday, you’re getting your payday morning coffee treat, how about extending it to the person behind you? Your bound to turn someone’s Friday upside down!
  7. Volunteer. May be obvious, but grab some good company and volunteer at a non-profit. How about with iGoPink filling beauty bags!? Sign up to Volunteer by clicking here.
  8. Pick up trash. Is there waste where it does not belong? Take the time or day to help clean up around your neighborhood or favorite park!
  9. Host a Drive. You can host a beauty drive with your company or group of friends. Collect new/unused beauty items to include in bags distributed through the Feeling Beautiful Again program.
  10. Smile and give a compliment. Smiling is contagious for sure and leaving someone with a genuine complement really sticks with them throughout the day. One time a random lady told me my outfit was cute, and I literally have worn it so much since then.

Get those good vibes going and take a little bit of your time each day, week, or month to put a smile on someone else’s face! Share how you are paying it forward and be sure to use #iGoPink!