10 Ways to Improve Yourself During September…

Life can be a tricky thing, with so many things constantly being thrown your way and things changing and evolving every day. There are times that most of us question our purpose or what we can be doing to improve ourselves for the better. With September being a new month, and a lot of people getting back into daily routines now that school is back in session and summer has come to an end. It’s the perfect time to challenge yourself with these 10 easy ways to improve yourself for the better!

Whether you pick 5 from this list or all 10, challenging yourself to improve and be the best version of yourself can give you the pep in your step you need!

  1. Adopt Optimism – with life constantly throwing curve balls, it can be hard to focus on the positive and be optimistic. So, challenge yourself that whenever a negative thought creeps in to always look on the brighter side and you’ll start to see yourself having a more positive mood and outlook each day!
  2. Incorporate Fitness – we all know that we should be exercising to improve our health. But fitness can do so much more than just improve your health, it is also proven to help improve your mental health and even improve your mood. Adopt a regular fitness routine this month and you’ll be sure to see some improvements within yourself!
  3. Ask for Help – we all get busy, that’s no secret, so don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes it can do your soul well to take a break and let others help!
  4. Create a Goal List – one way we can all be challenging ourselves to constantly improve is by setting goals. Setting goals allows us to strive and work towards something of value, and once you hit those goals, you’ll thank yourself for constantly challenging yourself.
  5. Constructive Criticism – while it might not always be easy to hear, learning what areas you can improve on is exactly what you need. Whether you ask your boss, your significant other, or friends – learning what areas you can improve on will allow you to grow and improve yourself!
  6. Quit a Bad Habit – It’s never too late to quit a bad habit and focus on incorporating better ones into your routine. So, whatever a bad habit is to you, take the first step to getting rid of it!
  7. Avoid Negative People – It can be hard to remain positive and pursuing your goals when you have negative people affecting your mood. While removing them completely can be hard, try to avoid involving them in your efforts to live your best life!
  8. Don’t Look Back – looking back on the past and things you wish you would have done, does nobody any good! Quit looking back and look forward to a bright future with your best self!
  9. Kindness – Ever heard the saying “Sprinkle kindness around like confetti”? Well, live by that. Showing kindness to everyone around you no matter what can not only leave you feeling your best, but it gives you an opportunity to make someone else’s day as well.
  10. Try a 30-Day Challenge – one thing that will really put yourself to the test is trying a 30-day challenge. Whether it’s fitness related, or just a personal challenge, push yourself to achieve it!