2019 is almost over, and if you are like me it was a complete blur. But a new decade is in the horizon and I am beyond excited for a new year. 2019 brought me some of my favorite memories but was also one of the hardest years in my adult life. Loss, stress, struggles… sometimes we go through these phases in life and it can become a real eye opener. But I have a plan ya’ll for a happy and healthy 2020 and I’m here to share the 10 things I plan on incorporating into my life for the happiest, healthiest year ever!

1. Schedule Those Appointments Now

Once the holidays are over, it’s easy to put your wellness appointments on hold. Before 2020 starts, get on your doctor’s appointments on the books. Make that mammogram appointment, schedule that dental cleaning. If you have it scheduled, then you can prepare everything else to make time around your appointments.

2. Pencil in Affirmations

Take 20 – 30 minutes one day before 2020 and pick a day each month in the New Year to place a positive affirmation in your calendar. On the 10th of each month have a reminder on your phone to pop up with a self-love message, inspirational Bible verse, or motivational quote to give you that extra motivation.

3. Say Goodbye to Stress

Ok… kinda. Stress is a huge factor in breast cancer prevention. So, lowering your stress levels is key in living your healthiest life. Sure, stressors will pop-up, but you are in control of people and instances that continue to cause stress. It may be hard and scary but say goodbye to those things and look forward to a better 2020.

4. Make Exercise a Priority

The most typical New Years resolution, get active. How about committing to something new like biking or a dance class? Or try using an activity tracker in 2020 to make sure you are getting the exercise you need to be happier and healthier.

5. Create a 2020 Cookbook

You probably have a Pinterest board FULL of healthy and new recipe ideas. Take the time to organize them, print them, and put them into a binder to use throughout 2020 for healthy and new meals.

6. Dive Into Personal Development

No we’re not talking register for every conference/seminar (unless you enjoy those things), but take 5 minutes every morning to write down what you are grateful for, what you want to achieve that day, and what you are proud of yourself for. This will give you a boost of good vibes for the day.

7. Take More Pictures

Looking back on the your pictures from 2019, its hard not to smile. Plan to take more pictures in the New Year and keep your precious memories just a click away.

8. Be Intentional With Your Time

Evenings with your family, phone calls with your bestie, be intentional in that moment. Be a good listener and absorb the time with those that matter to you most. It will help build happier relationships and give you a strong base of support when you may come on a hard time.

9. Get More Vitamin D

Working a 9-5 job, you can find yourself often inside more than out. But getting in some extra sun ray can help improve your Vitamin D levels which has been linked to reducing your risk of breast cancer and increasing your mood and energy. So take some time to get outside more!

10. Remember, You Are AMAZING

Remember, and tell yourself, each and every day you are AMAZING. You are talented. You are loved. And you are to be respected. Take that ammo into 2020 and no one and nothing can bring you down!