10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know

10 Things I want my daughter to know…

17 ½ months ago the best thing in my life happened…I became a mom!  To all you mothers out there, you will understand when I say, “where does the time go?”  SERIOUSLY? Almost 18 months ago now?  Stop time, just stop!!

Being a mom has taught me so many things about life…who would have thought that a little human who can only say a handful of words has actually taught me more than many well-experienced adults in my life?  As her mom, I want my daughter to know some of the most important lessons I’ve learned (not always the easy way) in my life…thus in honor of Mother’s Day, my ‘Top 10 List’ of things I want my daughter to know:

Service Above Self: Embedded in my blood…give, serve and be blessed to be a blessing. It only takes one person/one smile, volunteering your weekend or donating hard earned money, but we are here to serve others.

Do What is Right: One of my biggest mottos. Do what is right, not what is easy. Don’t lie, cheat, steal, deceive, take the easy way out or manipulate.  Doing right will ALWAYS get you ahead in life!

Embrace Opportunities: You’re never too late in life to try something new; to explore new passions; to go after a dream or goal…when opportunities present themselves, go for them; even when it’s a scary or unknown path…you will learn so much!

Travel as much as you can: The amount of knowledge a person learns by experiencing other cultures can help define you as a person! Travel, far + wide…life gets busy, do it while you can!  I’m SO happy I did when I was younger.

Dare to Dream REALLY BIG: As an entrepreneur, I hope to teach her to follow her dreams, goals, and aspirations whatever they may be and that if she can dream it, she can do it…just takes hard work!  Sometimes LOTS of hard work.

Forgive: Never an easy thing and a lot of times, it takes A LOT of time to actually  But pray about it; find peace with the situation and forgive…it WILL bring you closure and happiness in your own respect.

Have fun: For those that know me, I need to take a piece of this advice to heart.  I always have been (and probably always will be) a workaholic.  Turning ‘off’ isn’t really in my vocabulary…so this is a lesson I want to teach her and myself at the same time.  Embrace the day, make it great!  Have fun—every day, even if it’s a chat on the phone with a girlfriend or playing tennis with your family or laughing over dinner until your stomach hurts.  Life is way too SHORT…make the most of every hour!  

Have Faith: As a strong Christian, I strongly believe faith is the core of my being and everything that comes in my path—it’s why I’m an entrepreneur, why I dream big, why I serve others and why I’ve been blessed.  Pray often.  Talk to God. Thank God—don’t just ask for the next thing.  He is the source of so much strength.

Eat the Second Piece of Cake (every now + then): Re-read my ‘Have Fun’…some days we get caught up in the rules of life that we forget that it’s ok to break the mold from time to time.  If you truly want the second piece of cake, eat it, don’t make yourself feel bad about it, but the next day, get back on track.  Be comfortable in your skin and remember to take care of yourself!

Love, unconditionally: My husband is the greatest example of this—I can have the best day or the worst and he loves me just the same.  He picks me up when I’m against all odds + celebrates the joys of our life at every opportunity.  Between him and my sweet baby girl, unconditional love tops the list.  Love those around you…our world needs more love and smiles!

As mothers, we hope to guide, nurture, grow and teach as best as we can to our children.  I want my daughter to know the world is her oyster and it’s up to her to find the pearl of life!  We’re blessed with one life, it’s up to us to make it the best life possible.

What traits do you as mother’s hope to teach your children?    

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