10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life

Raise your hand if you’re with me…you’re having one of those days (or maybe weeks) that just feels like complete overwhelm.  Maybe you have committed yourself to 10 too many things to be in charge of, or maybe there’s just stress or something breaking down every corner that you turn.  We’ve all been there and some days you just find yourself in a slump. 

Good news is that getting yourself motivated and back on track doesn’t have to be difficult and can honestly take a bad day and turn it great.  Try some of these tips to improve your day and life starting right now!

  1. Organize Your Space: When I feel flustered, I tend to realize that my space needs to be organized. This could be my desk or my closet or re-organizing my kitchen pantry…but organizing your space to be clutter-free helps open your mind to a fresh slate!
  2. Make a Bucket List: You may say “oh that’s on my bucket list” but actually make one. It’s a visual goal sheet to keep reminding you of the fun dreams you have and wish to achieve.  Revisit the sheet every now and then…your goals may change but you’ll be inspired when you can put a check mark to the items you get to experience.
  3. Phone a Friend: We all are so caught up in the world of texting that sometimes a simple voice on the other line is all you need. Try making it a priority to call someone that cares…your mom, best friend or cousin that you haven’t spoken to in a while.  The call can be just 10 minutes, but be engaged.
  4. Be a Problem Solver: Be the person that comes to the conversation or table with solutions, not just a bunch of problems. We all know that person that constantly has something wrong in their life…be the positive one that focuses on the good or comes up with a solution, not just something to gripe about
  5. Try Something New: Anything new…just don’t stay mundane and the ‘same-old’ routine. This may be a new sport, hobby or even a new recipe.  Live a little; spice up your life.
  6. Sweat it Out: When I’m frustrated with things, it’s amazing what a walk can truly do to clear your mind. So every day make the time…even if it’s only 10 minutes to walk the dog around the block, but get moving, keep your brain cells churning and take care of your body.
  7. Sleep: We all wish we got more sleep—well, make it an appointment and priority in your daily life, not just a “when I get time” item.  I’m horrible at this, but I function as such a better person when I do have ample sleep.  Make it an appointment in your calendar!
  8. Do Something for Someone Else: Volunteer somewhere or give your time reading at the library for kids…something selfless that requires your time. Time is one of our most precious commodities and giving of that always makes you feel fulfilled.
  9. Compliment People Every Day: Who doesn’t feel better with a wonderful compliment?  Giving them is an amazing thing also.  Find something small within the people you work with on a day to day basis…from their outfit, to their smile or the color of lipstick they have on. 
  10. Smile: It sounds crazy but smiling can go such a long way.  It not only cheers you up, but makes people around you feel welcome. 


So the next time that you’re having a funk of a day and needing some inspiration, try one of these 10 items to make your life feel more fulfilled and better starting today!  You won’t regret it and that I can promise!

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