10 Last-Minute Christmas Tips to Save Your Sanity

When we were first asked to share our top 10 last minute Christmas tips to save our sanity during the holidays, we instantly turned to Google to help. So we’re sharing an amazing blog provided by Ideal Home UK that gives you all the tips you need for the holidays.

Feel like everyone is ahead of the game and you’re quickly running out of time to get ready for Christmas? Take a step back and calm down; there is still plenty of time to do all the little things that add up to a magical celebration and we’ve got lots of handy tips and tricks to keep you on track.

With everything from last minute gift ideas to how to prep your home for guests, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to keeping a cool head during the busy festive season. Start by writing up a list of everything you need to do before Christmas Day and order by length of time each task will take to complete. This will help you stay on top of the preparations.

Learn to delegate to family and friends, I know it’s hard, trust me, but it will help reduce the pressure on yourself. Delegate as early as possible to make sure everyone knows their roles and what’s needed and when. This also helps so that if someone doesn’t do their job, you still have time to take care of it.

  1. Download movies for the kids, or sign up to a service such as Netflix.com. There will be plenty the adults need to do to get everything ready, so keep the little ones entertained to prevent present-opening disasters!
  2. Buy enough batteries for gadgets and gizmos over Christmas and keep them all together in a designated drawer to make them easy to find. Check which batteries certain gifts require so you’re prepared.
  3. Missed the last post date for delivery before Christmas? Don’t panic. Send an E-card online using a free service such as Smilebox.com, where you can even add your own photos for a personal touch.

Now to get the house ready….

  1. Give your cushions a quick and festive makeover by wrapping seasonal fabric around existing cushions like a ribbon around a gift, and finish with a bow. Stitch on pompoms or bells for an extra flourish.
  2. If you’re running low on decorations or are looking for an inexpensive alternative, simply wrap boxes in pretty paper as presents and dot around the house. Display on sideboards or even staircases to continue the Christmas charm.
  3. Gather fallen branches and twigs and display in a large vase on a sideboard for a simple decorating idea. Decorate with bows and decorations, or spray with glitter paint for a pretty touch.
  4. Never underestimate the magic of fairy lights! Haven’t had time to decorate the front of your house? Simply drape outdoor fairy lights around a large plant or small tree for instant wow-factor.
  5. Display nuts, chocolates and other small nibbles in pretty containers such as vintage ice cream bowls; an instant way to look like an effortless host.
  6. Plan ahead when it comes to your cooking and try to prepare food which can be frozen in advance. A one pot dish for Christmas Eve can be put into the freezer and heated up when needed to save time.
  7. Don’t forget the Christmas tree! Nothing says Christmas like a fresh Douglas Fir that will fill your house with the magnificent smell of Pine needles!
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