How to Unplug

Unplug & De-stress

TV, Phone, Computer, Tablets, iWatch… Oh man, are we uber connected or what?

We run at breakneck speeds. Our culture has created for us lives that demand multitasking in every role we command. Our electronic convinces have become burdensome. I even find myself dialed in while dialed in! I listen to a podcast while checking emails. I browse social media while watching TV. I take phone calls or FaceTime my family while working on documents. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to chuck my laptop from the second floor of my home!

When is it time to unplug and destress?  How do we slowdown that crazy pace that has become our life routine? 

How about this:

I was reading an article not too long ago about how powerful creating a mantra is and making a conscious effort to meditate. As I read, I thought what a wonderful exercise to clear your mind and destress. But alas, I got distracted and went back to my over-plugged, mile-a-minute lifestyle. It was only a few weeks ago, that that same article, of all things, popped back up during an unrelated Google search. I remembered how much I loved reading it and took a second to revisit the article.  This time I really stopped to take notice and think about how I could apply some of these concepts to my life. 

My goodness, these ideas can be incorporated anywhere from sitting at your desk at work to sitting with a cup of tea on your couch. No alarms, buzzing, beeping, or ringing allowed. Just a few moments to yourself to un plug and destress. 

I was sold and thought “I really need to give this a try”!

So here I am at work midday. Scooting back from my desk and taking a moment. 

I close my eyes and think of the beach (my happy place). I see my kids running around collecting seashells and I feel the sand on my feet. I let that feeling wash over me as I think about the ocean breeze and the smell of salt water. Then I say a few words over several times in my head: “Fire in my soul.  Grace in my heart”.  (Pause.  I know, you must be wondering where in the world I got such a fantastic mantra!  I’ll let you in on a secret… My positive affirmations come from our motivational mornings on Facebook! The iGoPink team does a fantastic job of sharing amazing quotes of the day! Head over to check out our fantastic daily motivation and like us while you’re there!) 

So, here is the “skinny” after this exercise: Unplugging completely sounds stressful to me.  But, finding a specific time in your day to consciously put away all electronics and be still is completely genius.  It’s the happy medium and a nice reprieve from the hectic schedules that we all keep! I am creating ten minutes in mid-day to unplug and destress. 

Join me!

How do you take time to center and destress? 

Please share what works for you below!  I would love to hear your ideas too! 

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