It Takes a Village

Who’s In Your Tribe?

Building your connections and surrounding yourself with people who support you and raise you up is paramount to wellbeing. The life that you create; or individuals that you surround yourself with becomes your “village”and “tribe”.    

Ask yourself this: Who is in your village?  Even more importantly, who is in your tribe?    

I know this sounds very hippy-gypsy of me (I’m from California, it’s in the water).  I firmly believe that very person is placed into our lives to help us grow.  Just as each person in the village is unique, your tribe is made up of chieftains, healers, artisans, protectors, etc.  They fill a space in your heart and tribe that is unique to them.  A space that you might not have even known you needed in your life!

So, who is in your village?  Who are you blessed to call your tribe?

They are not the people that necessary interface with you each day.  The village is not bound by geographical constraints.  They are your people; the ones that truly see you.  Those strange weirdos who get you.  They root for you.  They cry with you.  They pray for you.  They enrich your life in ways that only they can!  These are the folks that give you wings when you forget to fly. 

What does my tribe look like? 

My tribe is spread all over the world!  In my life, I have had the pleasure of traveling and calling several places home.  And, I can say from experience, without building those networks of people around me, I would have been lost.  In my case, my tribe built the village, they helped me navigate the world and orchestrate this beautiful adventure I call life.  From a foreign country to a home that felt half a world away at times (because it really was).  A handful of wild, beautiful dreamers have helped me grow, helped me learn about myself, and helped me form a support system that I will lean on for lifetime.  Indeed, life has taught me a few lessons.  Some hard.  Some amazing.  But, this village built by my tribe weathers the storm. 

Now, let’s flip this blog!  I want to hear about you! 

Is there a certain person or a select few people who have helped you become who you are?  I would love to hear about them!  Tell me about your tribe.  Maybe they are your shoulder(s) to cry on.  Or, the first ones you call when you get that new job or promotion.  It could possibly be the ones who stood with you as you were diagnosed and fought breast cancer.  Each story is unique.  Each tribe is unique.

I invite you to share with us in the comments below those who has helped you build your village.   Who is your tribe? 



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