24 05, 2016

5 Healthy Habits for Memorial Day

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Celebrate Memorial Day and the start of summer with these 5 healthy habits. 1. Plan Ahead! Make healthy meal plans, grocery lists, and check restaurant menus and nutrition before you arrive at the table. Be sure to download the iGoPink Shopping List 2. Have a Potluck! Bring a homemade dish so you know all the [...]

14 10, 2015

Successful Change – Keeping Your Momentum

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By Chris Axelrad, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., FABORM Shared with permission from Chris Axelrad and AxelradClinic.com. View the original article here. For most people who make the choice to change — whether it’s exercise more, lose weight, start a meditation practice, or really ANY type of change — there’s always a “tipping point” sometime within the first month or so… [...]

13 07, 2015

What Sweetener Should I Use? Types to Avoid and Choose

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Do you add sweetener to your coffee, tea, or favorite baked dishes? Enjoy sodas, packaged or prepared foods? Be careful! The type of sweetener(s) you consume can greatly affect your health. Join us on the #iGoPinkChallenge by avoiding harmful sweeteners and instead choose healthier alternatives to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of breast cancer. Sweeteners to [...]

23 10, 2013

Wellness Wednesday: Fall Fitness Tips

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Seriously, what’s not to love about fall? Pumpkin lattes are back, you can dig out your favorite sweaters, and sweet potatoes are finally in season. Best of all, the crisp temps make fall the perfect time to exercise outdoors: “The cool weather allows you to enjoy yourself without having to worry about being overheated or too cold,” says [...]

8 09, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

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This is an e-mail forward that I received a while back that has always stuck with me. I love it and wanted to share it with all of you! Please let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did! Please read both stories! STORY NUMBER  ONE Many years ago, Al Capone virtually [...]

25 08, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

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Surviving breast cancer with a sense of humor: One mom's story Stupid Cancer by: Michelle Maffei As hard as the fight must be to beat breast cancer, one mother has chosen to "be a survivor, not a victim," for herself and her family -- all while keeping the sense of humor she is well known [...]

18 08, 2010

Wellness Wednesday

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Breast Cancer, Integrative Medicine, and Vitamin D written by: Dr. Soram Khalsa Board certified in internal medicine, Medical Director for the East-West Medical Research Institute October is breast cancer awareness month. By this point in time all of us are fully aware of the impact of breast cancer upon our families and our society. The [...]