19 04, 2018

Erica’s Story

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I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer on June 1, 2016, so I will always be in treatment, unfortunately. Upon receiving this diagnosis, I learned that I had an enormous support group filled with friends, family, and even strangers. They have made things easier, but the most joy that has been brought to me [...]

28 02, 2018

Pink Chronicles: Rach’s Cancerversary

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One of our favorite bloggers, Rach, just recently had her TWO YEAR Cancerversary, and we want to celebrate with her by sharing her story! Take a look at how she has thrived past her breast cancer diagnosis and what her life has been like being a breast cancer SURVIVOR! - Two Year Cancerversary Today [...]

1 02, 2018

Patricia’s Story

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I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in April. On top of being born with a heart defect and having 3 heart surgeries, I now face breast cancer. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy and node cell removal on May 31 shortly after being diagnosed. Because of my heart defect, I began having heart [...]

3 06, 2016

National Cancer Survivors Day 2016

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National Cancer Survivors Day is on Sunday, June 5th! National Cancer Survivors Day is a celebration for cancer survivors and demonstrates that you CAN beat cancer! This day serves as an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, support for women struggling, and a way for the community to come together and give back. Celebrate this special day by honoring a cancer survivor or a [...]

22 03, 2016

iGoPink Scholarship Serves Local High School Seniors

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Photo copyright Holly Davis Photography The Breast Cancer Charities of America is in the process of accepting applications for their iGoPink Scholarship, which is granted to students whose families have been affected by breast cancer.  The iGoPink Scholarship is a Houston-only program service of BCCA servicing our local community. “So many patients [...]