22 07, 2016

A Prayer to the Cardio Gods

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By Tori Carruth When I was in high school, I ran on the cross country and track team, spent a few seasons cheerleading, and played soccer all four years. I basically chose every sport that included miles of running as a “warm up”. As a result, after high school I pretty much swore off running [...]

18 07, 2016

7 Things I Love About Life

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By Tori Carruth Please tell me someone got that old school Miley Cyrus reference … It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day little issues we face, especially on Monday. Sometimes, I play the “poor me” game more than I should. I wake up grumpy because it’s too early, I don’t [...]

13 07, 2016

The Ultimate Smart Packing List for Summer Vacay

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By Erica Johnson One of my most favorite things to do is travel…this has been my number one ‘hobby’ for YEARS. I love to experience, explore and learn about new cultures. Nothing can beat stepping where history took place or learning about a new area in the world…both domestically and internationally. With all the travel [...]

12 07, 2016

5 Sun Safety Tips for Summer

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By Tristan Fernandez-Cablay Are you ready for summer? I sure am! As the summer gets into full swing, I crave the scent of a good SPF 50! Now, that is saying something coming from a gal that was raised to worship the sun. So, why the SPF obsession? Simple, skin damage is real. From wrinkles [...]

11 07, 2016

Between the Pages: Book Inspiration

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By Erica Johnson Call me old school, but there’s something I still love about picking up an actual book or magazine vs. reading them on an electronic device.   The texture of a real book that makes me feel like curling up with a cup of tea to read for hours. Being so busy with work, [...]

8 07, 2016

At Home Workout in 20 Minutes

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By Erica Johnson If you’re at all like me, finding time to workout is my #1 “excuse” as to why I don’t end up working out. As a busy working-woman, wife and mama-to-be (which I’m SURE I have no idea yet how much busier my life is about to get---kudo points to all the moms [...]

6 07, 2016

Splurge or Save: Swimsuit Edition

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By Tori Carruth It’s officially summer! I grew up a lover of the water. Whether I was on my parent’s boat, at my grandparent’s pool, or taking my siblings to the country club, I was surrounded by water. However, I am terrified of the ocean—weird, I know, but there’s just so much OPEN water. Anyone [...]

5 07, 2016

Staying Hydrated and Keeping H2O Fun This Summer

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By Erica Johnson Water…to some of us (ME!) it’s one of my favorite thing to drink…not only does it keep me hydrated and energized, but my skin feels ten times better when I’m drinking 64+oz a day (that’s my daily goal.)   For others (I know there are lots of you out there) drinking your 8 [...]

4 07, 2016

July Jams

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By Tori Carruth   Happy Fourth of July! I hope you’re sitting by the pool, sipping on something cold, and celebrating your freedom! It always seems like whenever I’m at a pool party, on the boat, or even in my car with friends, I somehow get (take control of) the music situation. Sometimes I get [...]

1 07, 2016

Our Yoga Journey: Before

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By Tori Carruth and Alix Angelelli “I’m the first to admit that my workout plan is…lacking…and by that I mean non existent. I used to take kick boxing multiple times a week, but life happens and the commute was terrible. Recently, Alix and I were given the opportunity to try a free month at Yoga [...]

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