19 01, 2018

3 Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter

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3 Soups Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter Winter has come and made itself very comfortable here in Texas, which is something we as Texans, are not used to. Last winter we usually stayed around 50 degrees on the cold days and got up into the 80’s on other days. Fast forward to [...]

27 12, 2017

Shaking Out the Post-Holiday Bloat

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Sunday, Christmas Eve, I spent hours at my Grandparents’ house doing our traditional Italian Christmas (which myself and my stomach) look forward to every year. Italian Christmas Eve, for us, is filled with hours of eating endlessly, pasta, bread, soups, the traditional dishes to include the 7 fishes. It also includes wine and dessert [...]

4 05, 2017

Healthy and Easy Avocado Toast

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 Avocado Toast with Tomato and Feta Is your mouth watering?  Mine is! This simple, no prep needed, breakfast or lunch is a crowd pleaser!  The ingredients are decedent enough to feel like a cheat day dish, while being conscious not to derail your diet!  Really, this meal is health conscious and incredibly [...]

20 04, 2017

3 Easy Things My Toddler Will Eat

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Feeding a Picky Toddler  I have an almost 2-year-old, *sigh* please stop growing! As soon as she could eat solid foods, she was eating anything and everything. Lately though, as she is starting to figure what she likes and doesn’t like, I feel like she NEVER wants anything I give her. Unless its [...]

13 04, 2017

5 Healthy Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

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Conquer That 3:00 PM Feeling   Who is with me here?  It’s 3:00pm and you ate lunch 3 hours ago, yet you still have another 2 hours before the work day is over… you’re in a low-energy slump trying to get through the rest of the day?  (Are you raising your hand?)  What [...]

6 04, 2017

Easy, Healthy Breakfasts for the Girl on the Go

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My Favorite Go-To Breakfast                      I used to never eat breakfast. Like literally all my life, only a late weekend breakfast with all the goodies (omelet, bacon, Italian bread toast, fresh coffee, juice, literally everything). I became a breakfast junky when I first started dating my now husband. Xavian is a [...]

23 03, 2017

Girls at the Grill

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Girls Who Grill It’s officially Spring! Our family does a lot of weekend hangouts outdoors, enjoying the weather, food and some good jams (as in music and delicious berry preserves). Last weekend we hosted a small crawfish boil. This is something we do every couple of weekends throughout the spring and into [...]

16 03, 2017

6 Healthy Starbucks Drinks (under 150 Calories!)

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Starbucks Drinks That Won't Ruin Your Diet Like anyone who wakes up early daily for work and hates mornings, I'm a Starbucks lover. I've been a gold card holder since college, when my coffee intake was at an all time high. Also at an all time high in college was my metabolism, [...]

9 03, 2017

Easy Packed Lunches for Work

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My Favorite Lunch Recipes   If you ask our Finance Manager, Stephanie, what I eat, she will make fun of me for “only eating red food” – think chili, strawberries, bell peppers, really anything with tomatoes. I also am a big fan of meal prepping, so she gets to see the same [...]

21 07, 2016

Satisfying Summer Smoothies

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By Erica Johnson Good morning sunshine! It’s smoothie time. Last week I blogged about my morning routine and other than my fruit and yogurt parfait, one of my favorite ‘go-to’ breakfast (or lunch) meals is a healthy smoothie or shake. We all know that getting in 5 servings a day of fruits and veggies are what [...]