3 06, 2016

National Cancer Survivors Day 2016

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National Cancer Survivors Day is on Sunday, June 5th! National Cancer Survivors Day is a celebration for cancer survivors and demonstrates that you CAN beat cancer! This day serves as an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, support for women struggling, and a way for the community to come together and give back. Celebrate this special day by honoring a cancer survivor or a [...]

14 01, 2016

16 Turmeric Health Benefits and Recipes

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Turmeric, the yellow-orange spice, not only is a great addition to your favorite curry, rice or tofu recipes, but also offers many amazing health benefits! Turmeric comes from the Curcuma longa plant, has a peppery, warm and bitter flavor, and a light orange and ginger fragrance. Here are 16 health benefits of Turmeric: Natural Anti-inflammatory Can help to prevent [...]

29 10, 2015

Coping with Cancer

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Cancer does not only have an effect on the physical self but it also affects the emotional, spiritual and cognitive self. Cancer can also have an effect on those around you that love you. Finding ways that you and your loved ones can cope through the pain and emotions of cancer is important. Here are [...]

11 08, 2015

How I Survived Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Written by Chiara D'Agostino, Breast Cancer Survivor and author of the Cancer Fashion Blog www.beautythroughthebeast.com  I found the lump on my birthday, October 25th, 2014. It wasn’t a happy 43rd. August 2014 I had my routine mammogram and a week later the letter from the hospital arrived; everything was “normal.” Apparently, I have dense tissue in my [...]

12 03, 2014

Founder of Cancer Recovery Foundation Responds to World Cancer Report 2014

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Greg Anderson, Founder & CEO of Cancer Recovery Foundation International, Responds to World Cancer Report 2014 The new World Cancer Report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), recently predicted worldwide cancer rates to rise by 57 percent in the next two decades.  The report used its strongest language ever to highlight the problem including the dire [...]